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Description Mystify: Michael Hutchence is a movie starring Helena Christensen, Michael Hutchence, and Bob Geldof. Ghost Pictures and Passion Pictures and a documentary feature about the troubled heart and soul of Michael Hutchence, lead singer Richard Lowenstein tomatometers 8 / 10 runtime 102 min 884 vote. You know if u ever had the privilege to meet Michael he was so humble he had a way of making u feel special, his aura was amazing. I met him with my friend b4 a gig, I was so nervous and he just was so gentle and immediately felt the nerves subside. I truly felt touched by this beautiful man that I will never forget that day meeting him for the rest of my life. xxx Sleep Peacefully Michael... All your dreams will come true in another space and time. 💜😘😍💙.

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This is why I love rock n' another dime in the jukebox baby. Mystify: michael hutchence documentary mp4 free. This article is about the album. For the title track from this album, see Elegantly Wasted (song). Elegantly Wasted Studio album by INXS Released 4 April 1997 Recorded December 1996 – February 1997 at Armoury Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and El Cortijo Studios, Málaga Spain Genre Alternative rock Length 47: 56 Label Mercury Producer Bruce Fairbairn & Andrew Farriss INXS chronology The Greatest Hits (1994) Elegantly Wasted (1997) Switch (2005) Singles from Elegantly Wasted " Elegantly Wasted " Released: March 1997 " Everything " Released: May 1997 " Don't Lose Your Head " Released: June 1997 " Searching " Released: September 1997 Elegantly Wasted is the tenth studio album by Australian rock band INXS. It was released in April 1997, and is the final album recorded with lead singer Michael Hutchence before his death in November that same year. The band had spent April 1996 rehearsing in London, and moved over to Vancouver to record with producer Bruce Fairbairn in December that year. [1] Production of the album was completed by Hutchence and songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farriss in Spain by February 1997. [2] Two songs that did not make the final cut of the album were included on the Bang the Drum EP (2004). The album's title was thought up by Hutchence, with the single itself trying to recapture the magic and groove of the Kick album, particularly the single, " Need You Tonight ". All three Farriss brothers dedicated the album to their mother, Jill, who died in 1995. [3] Background [ edit] In June 1994, INXS ended their US contract with Atlantic Records, and signed a new worldwide record deal with PolyGram / Mercury Records; [4] however, the group agreed to release one final record through the Atlantic label - The Greatest Hits. [5] Released several months later on 31 October, the compilation included two new songs: " The Strangest Party (These Are the Times) " and "Deliver Me". [6] After a long break, INXS reconvened in 1996 to record their tenth studio album, Elegantly Wasted, their last with Hutchence. In 1995, Hutchence already began work on his self-titled solo album; [7] the project was put on hold until Elegantly Wasted was completed. [8] [9] In an interview with The Album Network magazine in March 1997, Hutchence said, "We really wanted to get off the old carousel for a while. As a band, we have recorded an album every twelve to eighteen months over the last five or six years. This helped to create a situation resulting in a lot of personal and business friction within the band, as well as the record label, at the time of the completion of our last studio album Full Moon, Dirty Hearts. With the completion of the album, we also fulfilled our contract with Atlantic Records. So, it just seemed like the logical time to take a break". [10] PolyGram studios in London paired the band with Canadian producer Bruce Fairbairn, their first and only collaboration. [ citation needed] Recording and production [ edit] With both Hutchence and Farriss living in London, the songwriting duo first started talking about a new record over the phone. [11] After spending months talking about new ideas, the pair finally got together, and began working on new material. [11] Using 24-track reels and ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) recorders, the pair put together a handful of demo tapes, [12] which included an early version of the song " Searching ". The remaining members of INXS flew out to meet Hutchence and Farriss in London. [2] When the entire group got together, they began rehearsing the material that had been previously recorded by Hutchence and Farriss. The rehearsals began in April 1996. [1] While visiting friends Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 in Dublin during the summer of 1996, Hutchence and Farriss rented a small studio where they continued working on the album. [13] They put the finishing touches on the existing demo tapes, as well as compose new recordings. [12] [14] One of the first songs to be completed during these sessions was "Searching". The band first previewed the song live at the Australian ARIA Music Awards in September 1996. [15] Before meeting with Fairbairn, the band sent him all the material they had been working on. [12] Fairbairn had just finished working with Irish rock band, The Cranberries. [16] Upon receiving the material Fairbairn commented, "I was impressed with the feel and the different sounds that they'd been using. " He added, "I actually ended up suggesting that we might want to save some of the stuff on the demos – because the chances were that when we were back in the studio we wouldn't be able to recreate that vibe". [12] After listening to the material, Fairbairn flew to London to meet with the band. [12] He spent a few afternoons with Hutchence and Farriss discussing the project. [12] A date was set for production at Fairbairn's own recording studio in Vancouver, with both himself and Farriss producing. [3] When later asked about his role in the production of Elegantly Wasted, Fairbairn said, "Well, I didn't really co-produce with the band, but the record was produced with Andrew Farriss. Andrew was certainly a player at the demo stage, and as we ended up keeping some of the stuff on the demos I felt that it was fair to recognise his contribution in some way". [12] The band first arrived at the Armoury studio in Vancouver in December 1996 to begin the recording sessions. [1] Most of the demos that were brought out to Vancouver had to be reorganised, taking out and discarding certain parts, as well as adding in new drum beats and bass lines. [12] Some members of the band had to provide overdubbing on the existing demos, including Hutchence who recorded new overdubs on the vocals. [12] Most of the album was recorded digitally; [12] the drums, bass and guitar on the tracks "Girl on Fire", "We Are Thrown Together" and "Bang the Drum" (dropped during production) were recorded using analogue equipment. [12] The majority of the vocals were performed in a small studio in Marbella, Spain in February 1997. [2] Additional musicians were brought in to provide backing vocals on " Don't Lose Your Head ", "Searching" and "I'm Just a Man". [12] After the sessions in Spain had wrapped, the recordings were returned to Vancouver, where engineer Mike Plotnikoff began the initial mixing, [12] before sending them to Townhouse Studios in London, where music producer Tom Lord-Alge carried out the bulk of the mixing. [12] Plotnikoff recalls, "I did a mix for him [Lord-Alge] beforehand in Vancouver so that he had a guideline as to roughly what we wanted". [12] Tour [ edit] INXS embarked on their 20th anniversary tour in support for Elegantly Wasted, beginning with a string of warm-up dates in the US on 17 April 1997 at the Irving Plaza in New York. [17] [18] During their time in New York, the band were asked to appear on numerous talk shows to perform the album's brand new single, "Elegantly Wasted", including the Rosie O'Donnell show on 16 April and the Late Show with David Letterman on 22 April. The group would play three more shows in cities across North America, finishing up at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, California on 24 April. [18] [19] The first leg of the international tour brought the band to South Africa, their first and only tour of the country. A few days before playing their first show at the 3 Arts Theatre in Cape Town on 29 May, [18] the band was hurriedly asked by the producers of Face/Off to shoot a music video for the album's third single, "Don't Lose Your Head". [20] The video was shot by long-time collaborator and friend Nick Egan, inside a large plane hangar on an airstrip located in Cape Town. After playing a show in Durban, [18] the group travelled up to Johannesburg to play three shows at the Ellis Park Arena (formerly known as the Standard Bank Arena) beginning on 3 June and finishing on 5 June. [18] The tour continued across Europe where the band played various arenas and festivals beginning 9 June at the Barrowland ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland, [18] and ending on 5 July at the Midtfyns Festival in Ringe, Denmark. [18] INXS returned to the US on 11 July where they played eight shows along the West Coast. [18] In late August, the band started making their way across the Midwest. [18] The itinerary included visits to Chicago, Illinois, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Kansas City, Missouri. [18] A show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was cancelled on 27 August after it was reported in a newspaper that Hutchence had sprained his ankle. [21] On 31 August, the tour moved north into Canada, with shows being played in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. [18] While playing a show in Montreal, Nicolas Cage was spotted by fans in the VIP balcony near the stage. Hutchence dedicated "What You Need" and "Don't Lose Your Head" (used in Cage's movie Face/Off) to the actor. [21] Their last concert with Hutchence was at the Star Lake Amphitheatre in Burgettstown, PA on 27 September. [22] In November, the band returned to Sydney, Australia to prepare for their homecoming tour. [23] Before setting off on a thirteen-date trek around Australia on 23 November, the band set up for rehearsal sessions at ABC Studios. [24] The homecoming tour was quickly cancelled when the death of Hutchence was announced on 22 November. Packaging [ edit] A mini video shoot was specially shot and directed for the album's cinematic album art. The entire video shoot was directed and photographed by Danish photographer Pierre Winther in locations around California in 1996. [25] Winther, famous for his filmic visionary manages to tell a complex story in each of his staged shots; the front cover for Elegantly Wasted shows a dramatic shot of the band caught up in a cinematic setting where it appears that an attractive girl has emerged safely from a car accident, just under the viaduct at 635-651 S Anderson St, downtown Los Angeles (no longer exist). A different photograph of the girl getting out of the car was shot and used as the artwork for the "Elegantly Wasted" single. The same girl can be seen wandering the streets of San Francisco in the music video for the album's second single, "Searching". The album's accompanying booklet contains additional photography of the band near the Edwards Air Force Base in the Californian desert. [26] The artwork for the singles, "Searching" and "Everything" feature photographs as the cover art, which were also taken in the Californian desert. Only three songs from the track listing had lyrics printed in the liner notes; "Elegantly Wasted", "Show Me (Cherry Baby)" and "Shake the Tree". [3] Reception [ edit] Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating AllMusic [27] Q [28] Rolling Stone [29] [30] Entertainment Weekly A [31] Ultimate Guitar Reviews for the album were mixed. Rolling Stone, Q and AllMusic all rated the album two stars, with Stephen Thomas Erlewine writing in his AllMusic review, "The band does dabble in contemporary dance on Elegantly Wasted, but it all comes out sounding like the lite funk-n-roll of Kick, only without the energy. And without the tunes". [27] In her review for Rolling Stone, Elysa Gardner said that the album "seems like an exercise in nostalgia", and added, "the sinuous dance grooves and crackling bursts of guitar in new songs such as "Elegantly Wasted" and "Don't Lose Your Head" don't seem very fresh". [29] In a more enthusiastic review, Entertainment Weekly scored the album an "A", and wrote, "The Jaggersque vocal yowl of Michael Hutchence, matched to the spiky James Brown funk of the Farriss brothers, gives their new melodies swing and tone". [31] GQ also gave the album a favorable review calling Elegantly Wasted "vibrant" and "exciting", and concluded that "The '80 revival starts here". [31] Commercial performance [ edit] The album did not perform well as anticipated. In the US it only reached number 41 on the Billboard Top 200. [32] It did perform better outside the US peaking at number 14 in both Canada [33] and Australia, [34] and number 16 in the United Kingdom. [35] Elegantly Wasted was certified Gold in Canada on 9 May 1997 having sold 50, 000 copies. [36] Track listing [ edit] All tracks are written by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence. No. Title Length 1. "Show Me (Cherry Baby)" 4:17 2. " Elegantly Wasted " 4:32 3. " Everything " 3:13 4. " Don't Lose Your Head " 4:02 5. " Searching " 4:04 6. "I'm Just a Man" 4:48 7. "Girl on Fire" 3:55 8. "We Are Thrown Together" 5:36 9. "Shake the Tree" 4:10 10. "She Is Rising" 5:24 11. "Building Bridges" 3:55 Total length: 47:56 International bonus track No. Title Length 12. "Shine" 3:52 Japanese and Australian limited edition bonus track No. Title Length 13. "Let It Ride" (B-side to "Everything" single) 3:44 Personnel [ edit] Personnel as listed in the album's liner notes are: [3] INXS Gary Beers – bass guitar Andrew Farriss – keyboards, guitar, producer Jon Farriss – drums Tim Farriss – guitar Michael Hutchence – vocals, guitar on "She Is Rising" Kirk Pengilly – guitar, saxophone Additional musicians Tania Hancheroff and Joani Bye – backing vocals on "Searching" and "Don't Lose Your Head" Billie Godfrey and Caroline MacKendrick – backing vocals on "I'm Just A Man" Bill Punge – baritone saxophone Paul Baron and Derry Byrne – trumpets Tom Keenlyside – tenor saxophone, arranger Luis Conte – percussion Additional personnel Bruce Fairbairn – producer Andrew Farriss – producer Richard Guy – engineer Mike Plotnikoff – engineer Delwyn Brooks – second engineer Paul Silveria – assistant engineer Tom Lord-Alge – mixing engineer George Marino – mastering at Sterling Sound (New York, NY). Martha Troup – management Paul Craig – management, A&R David Edwards and Christina de la Sala – album co-ordination Mat Cook – concept and art direction David Smith – design Pierre Winther – photography, art direction Charts and certifications [ edit] References [ edit] ^ a b c "An Excess Of INXS > News > Archives – 1996".. Retrieved 5 January 2012. ^ a b c "".. Retrieved 5 January 2012. ^ a b c d Elegantly Wasted liner notes. Retrieved 3 February 2017 ^ Taylor, Chuck (15 March 1997). "Mercury's INXS 'Elegantly' Returns From Its Time Off". Billboard. Retrieved 2 July 2016. ^ "Allmusic | Biography & History - INXS" Retrieved 21 November 2016 ^ "INXS – The Greatest Hits". Discogs. Retrieved 2 July 2017. ^ " Michael Hutchence - Solo Album". Michael Hutchence: The Complete Official Website of Michael Hutchence. Retrieved 21 November 2016. ^ Truslow, Ned (2 January 2015). "Elegantly Wasted: The Strange Demise of INXS' Michael Hutchence". Ned Rock. 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Retrieved 3 February 2017. ^ "Longplay-Chartverfolgung at Musicline" (in German). Phononet GmbH. Retrieved 3 February 2017. ^ Caulfield, Keith (28 February 2006). "Ask Billboard: INXS, Bilboard's singles charts and Madonna". Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved 30 June 2017.

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I love your voice so crazy Michael. This must be the first time a woman had an affair live on TV. . Michael, amor de mis amores. Cuanto se te extraña! Besos al cielo! Te amamos igual que siempre ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. C operadores.


Mystify michael hutchence documentary. Documentales 102 min Sin clasificar Título: Mystify. Tras el cantante de INXS Título original: Mystify: Michael Hutchence País: Australia Año: 2019 Duración: 102 min Gui�n: Richard Lowenstein Productora: Ghost Pictures, Passion Pictures Director: Richard Lowenstein SINOPSIS Eleg�a de Michael Hutchence, cantante de INXS, 'pop star' e icono sexual de los 80, que cuenta la atribulada vida emocional de una 'celebrity' que quer�a ser artista y que explicar�a su tr�gico final.

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C ostream. Letra traducida de Mystify - INXS 92, 832 visitas All veils and misty Streets of blue Almond looks That chill divine Some silken moment Goes on forever And we're leaving broken hearts behind Mystify (estribillo) Mystify me Mystify I need perfection Some twisted selection That tangles me To keep me alive In all that exists None have your beauty I see your face I will survive Mystify … (estribillo) Eternally wild with the power To make every moment come alive All those stars that shine upon you Will kiss you every night And we're leaving Yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind Mmhhuu!! You're eternally wild with the power And they'll kiss you every night Mystify … Mystify!!! Todo velado y neblinoso Calles azuladas El almendro luce ese divino escalofrío Algún sedoso momento Continua por siempre Y vamos dejando corazones rotos detrás Mistificar (estribillo) Mistificarme Mistificar Necesito perfección Alguna retorcida selección Que me envuelva Y me mantenga vivo En todo lo que existe Nada tiene tu belleza Veo tu cara Y sobreviviré Mistificar... (estribillo)< br /> Eternamente salvaje con el poder De hacer vivir cada momento Todas esas estrellas que brillan sobre ti Te besaran cada noche Y vamos dejando Si vamos dejando corazones rotos detrás Mistificar... (estribillo) Tu eres eternamente desenfrenada con el poder De revivir cada momento Y te besaran cada noche Mistificar... Mistificar!!! Traducción al español por: 25, 102 traducciones Visto por útima vez: February 1st at 5:27pm Más letras traducidas de INXS Comentarios locales Comentarios desde Facebook Top 5 Usuarios de esta semana.

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Mystify: Michael Hutchence Regisseur Richard Lowenstein nähert sich in seiner Doku Mystify auf persönlich-intime Weise dem international bekannten australischen Frontmann der Band INXS: Michael Hutchence. In einem Mix aus Archivmaterial und privaten Aufnahmen von Freunden und Familie offenbart er einen Menschen mit vielen Facetten. Doch je berühmter der Musiker wird, desto mehr kämpft er mit dem Erfolg als Star. Er will den Zwängen des Pop entfliehen. Ein Trauma ändert seine Existenz von Grund auf und beraubt ihn seiner Verbindung zum Leben. Nur seine neugeborene Tochter Tiger wird zu einem Licht in der zunehmenden Dunkelheit. Dennoch begeht er am 22. November 1997 Selbstmord. Die Doku Mystify: Michael Hutchence arbeitet seine Geschichte auf. (ES) Deine Bewertung Bewerte diesen Film er selbst (Archivmaterial) er selbst (Archivmaterial) 2 Videos & 10 Bilder zu Mystify: Michael Hutchence Mystify Michael Hutchence - Trailer (English) HD Mystify Michael Hutchence - Trailer (Deutsche UT) HD Pressestimmen Alle 1 Pressestimmen zu Mystify: Michael Hutchence Die Pressestimmen haben den Film mit 5. 5 bewertet. Aus insgesamt einer Pressestimme vor 3 Monaten Für das Porträt eines wilden Rockstars wirkt die Malen-nach-Zahlen-Dramaturgie etwas bieder. Statistiken Das sagen die Nutzer zu Mystify: Michael Hutchence 0. 0 / 10 Bisher hat noch kein Nutzer diesen Film bewertet. Nutzer sagen Lieblings-Film Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt Filter: Alle Freunde Kritiker Ich.

Good show, but it was only created so that 6 albums re-enter the Aria charts as was the case this week after 25 years. And that means for INXS and Co. And I agree the Ads are out of control now. That's why I don't watch 7. Los dos grandes suicidios en el rock han sido el de Kurt Cobain de Nirvana y el de un australiano mujeriego, epicúreo y gran cantante de Inxs (En Exceso). HOY SE CUMPLEN 20 AÑOS DE LA TERRIBLE MUERTE DEL AUSTRALIANO. Michael Hutchence llegaba a las once de la noche del martes 18 de noviembre 1997 al hotel Ritz Carlton de Sydney. Se registraba con el curioso nombre incógnito  de mister Murray River y le daban la habitación 524. Dato trágico, como sabremos a continuación. Llegaba procedente de Los Angeles, donde había tenido una reunión trascendental con Quentin Tarantino y Michael Douglas para el rodaje de una próxima película en Hollywood. Le había acompañado su manager personal, la neoyorkina Martha Troop El film, naturalmente,  nunca se llego a rodar. Al día siguiente, miércoles, acompañado de su agente en Sydney,  empezó a buscar un apartamento lo suficientemente agradable para dar acogida a su gran amor Paula Yates, la presentadora de televisión inglesa, que todavía estaba casada con sir Bob Geldof.  Michael y Paula habían sido padres de una niña hacía 16 meses, llamada Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily. Los planes eran  de preparar la llegada de Paula y de Tiger para las próximas novedades, que acabaría con una boda de la pareja en Bora- Bora.. Un día más tarde, es decir, el jueves 20 de noviembre, Michael llegaba a la televisión estatal australiana, donde le esperaban los miembros de su grupo Inxs. Iban a ensayar para un programa especial, con motivo de los veinte años del grupo. Michael, por la noche, asistió a la premiere de una película australiana. Michael había metido dinero en la producción del gran éxito “Cocodrilo Dundee” y era muy amigo de su creador Paul Hogan. El viernes,  Michael e Inxs volvieron a verse en el estudio gigante de la Australian Broadcasting. Ensayaron unas cinco horas. Quedaron para el día siguiente, que iba a ser el ensayo general para el inicio de la gira de los 20 años del grupo. LA NOCHE FINAL Aquella misma noche había quedado para cenar con su padre. Tras tomar una copa en el bar del Ritz-Carlton salió del hotel con su padre Lelland Hutchence y su madrasta Susie para cenar en un restaurante hindú cercano llamado The Flavour. Kell, su padre, era uno de los hombres más ricos de Australia. Había hecho una fortuna en Hong Kong, donde Michael pasó los primeros años de su infancia. Kell notó algo raro en en ánimo de su hijo, pero Michael dijo que era el hombre más feliz del mundo. Su padre le devolvió al hotel a las diez y media de la noche. Pero para Michael, la noche sólo acababa de empezar. Entró en el bar y se tomó varios vodkas, la bebida de moda del momento., la preferida de la gente famosa, porque no olía el aliento. A eso de las once de la noche, Kym Wilson, una despampanante actriz australiana, que ya había tenido un “affaire” con Michael, se presentó en el bar, acompañada de su novio Andrew Rayment. Pasadas las once de la noche, Michael les propuso subir a su habitación, a la  524, con la excusa de que de esta manera podía estar atento a cualquier llamada que esperaba de Londres. De Paula Yates, naturalmente. Se sabe que Kym Wilson y su pareja pasaron cinco horas con Michael en la habitación. ¿Que es lo que hicieron?. Nadie lo sabe, porque los que siguen vivos jamás lo han desvelado. Kym dijo que había hablado mucho de su hija de Paula. La investigación posterior probó que tomaron vodka, champán, cerveza y daiquiris. A las cuatro y media de la mañana, Andrew,  la pareja de Kym, se había quedado dormido a los piés de la cama de Michael. El cantante le miró y le dijo a Kyn que se marcharan a casa. Según, Kym, a partir de ese momento, Michael debió penetrar en una fortísima depresión. El cantante engullía pastillas de Prozac como si fueran golosinas. Utilizaba como excusa su perdida de ofalto y sabor, con un porcentaje superior al setenta por ciento, por culpa del atropello de un taxi en 1992, cuando iba en bicicleta con una de sus conquistas, la modelo Helena Christensen. Con el accidente entró en un profundo coma emocional, con depresiones más o menos constantes. A las doce menos diez de la mañana del siguiente, una camarera del hotel  trató de entrar en la habitación para limpiarla. Tuvo que empujar la puerta desesperadamente. Una vez abierta, se encontró al cuerpo de Michael tendido en el suelo, casi en posición fetal, desnudo y con signos de asfixia. La camarera encontró una correa detrás de la puerta. Michael Hutchence estaba muerto. Sólo tenía 37 años. EL MISTERIO DE LA HABITACION 524 Conocida la noticia, Australia entera  quedó sobrecogida. Al fín y al cabo, Michael Hutchence era como un héroe nacional y, probablemente, la persona pública más famosa.  Era el suicidio trágico nacional del sexy, irresistible cantante del grupo Inxs, el más popular del país, el “playboy” que le había enseñado sexo a la otra heroína del país, Kylie Minogue; el hombre que había seducido a la presentadora Paula Yates, cuando todavía estaba casada con el “santo” sir  Bob Geldol,  que se inventó el Live Aid. En fín, más de cincuenta periodistas ingleses de la prensa amarilla volaron hasta Sydney, como crueles buitres en busca de los restos de Michael Hutchence. De las primeras pesquisas, la prensa amarilla apostaba a que la muerte del cantante se había producido, porque había tenido sexo con las otras dos personas en la habitación y que, se había ahorcado, en el típico ritual de la autoasfixia erótica, también llamada hipoxifilia. Y los buitres empezaron a recordar casos significativos en la historia. Por ejemplo, la del gran compositor Frantisek Kotzwara o el caso de Luis Enrique de Borbón-Condé o la famosa tragedia de 1936, el caso de Sada Abe y su amante Kichizo Ishida, inmortalizados con la película de Nagisa Oshima, “El imperio de los sentidos”. El entierro de Michael Hutchence fue el 27 de noviembre, nada menos que en la catedral San Andrés de Sydney. Su hermano Rhett y los hermanos Farriss de Inxs llevaban el féretro. El gran Nick Cave cantó el tema “Into my arms” y la ceremonia fue televisada en directo. Paula Yates, en un acto que fue atacado por todo el país, repartió las cenizas del cantante entre sus familiares, los componentes del grupo y ella misma. Como si fueran algo más que cenizas. En febrero, la investigación dictaminaba que Michael Hutchence murió porque se había suicidado, se había estrangulado. En su cuerpo se hallaron restos de vodka, champán, cocaina y otras drogas. No había indicios de que Michael hubiera tenido relaciones sexuales aquella noche. Pocos meses antes de su muerte, con Julián Ruiz Investigaciones posteriores determinan que Michelle Bennett, la primera novia de Michael y el amor de su vida, recibió dos llamadas aquel día. La primera sobre las siete de la mañana. Michael dejó un recado en el contestador y se le notaba borracho, muy borracho. En la segunda, a las diez menos seis de la mañana, Michael lloraba y se sentía muy desgraciado. Michelle corrió hacia el hotel. Vivía relativamente cerca, llamó a la puerta de la habitación 524. No tuve respuesta y le dejó una nota a Michael en la recepción. La manager personal de Michael, llamó desde Nueva York, cuando Kym y su novio todavía se encontraban en la habitación. Pero recibió otra llamada  las nueve de la mañana y treinta y ocho minutos, hora australiana. Michael,  en el contestador le grabó estas palabras:  “estoy jodido para siempre”. LA CULPA DE SIR BOB GELDOF Paula Yates también confesó que había llamado a Michael a las cinco y treinta y ocho minutos de la mañana. Esa llamada, probablemente, desató la erupción vocánica de la depresión en el cantante. Paula confesó que Bob Geldof le había prohibido sacar a las tres hijas en común,  Fifi, Peaches y Little Pixie, más Tiger Lily, la que había tenido con Michael. Sir Geldof manejaba la custodia de las niñas.  y, por tanto, Paula no podía viajar  con ellas a Sydney. Paula destacó que Michael parecía desesperado e histérico durante la conversación. Incluso le llamó Satanás a Bob Geldof, en varias ocasiones. Sir Bob Geldof reconoció haber recibido dos llamadas de Michael. En la primera no pudo contestar. En la segunda, a las cinco y media de la mañana, hora de Sydney, tuvieron una desagradable conversación. Asegura, en cambio, sir Bob que el díálogo fue razonable y no sintió a Michael desesperado. Aunque reconoció que Michael le pidió o le suplicó que dejara viajar a Paula, con las “cuatro niñas” a Australia. Pero existen otras testigos, como amigos de Geldof, que confirman que la conversación fue hasta violenta, con gritos por ambas partes e incluso amenazas. Hemos conversado varias veces con Bob Geldof sobre la muerte de Michael. Me une  con Bob una amistad  de paisanaje, porque Bob dió clase de inglés varios años, en San Javier, en Murcia.  Todavía habla un español decente y hemos tenido siempre una complicidad en nuestras conversaciones, pero sobre este caso siempre se mostró frío y jamás habló bien del “mujeriego, niño bonito, hijo de millonario, Michael Hutchence. En cuanta a Paula Yates, pues, … Se suicidó casi tres años más tarde. Fue el 17 de septiembre del año 2000. El día en que su hija Pixie cumplía diez años. La investigación proclamó que Paula había muerto por culpa de una sobredosis de heroína. Sir Bob asumió a la muerte de Paula,  la custodia de Tiger Lily, la hija que tuvieron Michael y Paula. Tiger también tomó el nombre de Geldof. Así que tiene el nombre más largo que he conocido: Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof. Ahora ya tiene 16 años y un parecido asombroso con su padre Michael. UN FINAL Tras su muerte, en 1999, Bono, el cantante de U2, gran amigo de Michael, vecino en la costa azul francesa, en Roquefort Les Pins terminó y cantó la última canción que compuso Michael en vida, “Slide away”, que apareció como dísco póstumo. Michael decía en la letra: Yo sólo quiere deslizarme y volver a vivir otra vez Un año después, el hotel Ritz Carlton fue vendido a la Stamford, una compañía de Singapur. El hotel se llama ahora o se llamaba  Stamford Plaza Double Bay. Estuve hace años allí. En el bar Winston del hotel hay en una esquina un humidificador de puros. Justo al lado,  existe un cuadro en oro de una foto de Michael vistiendo una chaqueta vaquera, con  una pequeña placa debajo. Nada Más. Pero cuando ví la foto y la placa no pude contener mis lágrimas. Me acordé como una noche, el 23 de noviembre de 1995, en un hotel de París, tras una entrega de premios europeos de la MTV, el hombre más hedonista que he conocido, mi amigo Michael Hutchence, me regalaba un largo y grueso Cohiba Siglo V sus favoritos,  que nos fumamos juntos. Jamás se me olvidará. Era cuando los dos fumábamos puros.


Mystify michael hutchence richard lowenstein

Dar una visión cercana, más allá de la imagen de gran estrella y del amarillismo que rodeó el suicidio del Michael Hutchence, líder de la banda INXS, es el objetivo que tuvo el cineasta Richard Lowenstein en un documental que presenta en el prestigioso Festival de Cine de Karlovy Vary, en la República Checa. El filme, titulado Mystify: Michael Hutchence, va alternando videos caseros con otros en los que se ve al cantante australiano en la intimidad, junto a escenas de sus actuaciones, así como entrevistas y opiniones de sus amigos, familiares y parejas, entre ellas la también cantante Kylie Minogue. El australiano Lowenstein (1959), que trabajó durante 13 años rodando los vídeoclips de los mayores éxitos de INSX, como “Need you tonight” o “New Sensations”, explica que su intención ha sido presentar un testimonio fiel sobre la vida y la muerte de Hutchence. El cofundador de INXS tenía 37 años cuando el 22 de noviembre de 1997 su cuerpo sin vida fue hallado en la habitación del hotel en el que se alojaba en Sydney.

Mystify 3a michael hutchence lyrics.
To have been kissed by Hutch would have been to be Elegantly Tasted ~ Happy Birthday Michael, Rest in Peace.

The best band Australia has ever produced. 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The creators of Mystify, a new documentary about late  INXS  singer Michael Hutchence, have released a two-minute trailer ahead of the movie's arrival in theaters on July 4. It opens with the frontman – who took his own life in 1997 at age 37 – saying, “The manner of experience that you go through doing what we do is many lifetimes. The problem is holding on to a fixed point for long enough to understand it. ” You can watch the trailer below. The film features many of his friends, including former lover Kylie Minogue, talking about his life and achievements. Producers called it a “journey into the heart and soul of Michael Hutchence” in a statement, describing him as a “complex and shy man who spent the bulk of his life in the public eye, rarely revealing his true self to anyone except his very close friends. ” The statement noted that "rare archive footage and intimate insights from friends, lovers, family, colleagues and Michael Hutchence himself, portray his life from the beginning of his fractured family background to the peaks of rock stardom and down into the depths after a freak accident in Copenhagen removed his sense of taste and smell and seriously affected his ability to deal with his unraveling personal and professional life. ” Mystify was written and directed by Richard Lowenstein, who directed most of INXS’ music videos. An accompanying soundtrack album will also be released that includes two previously unreleased Hutchence songs. “Their legacy is growing every day, and a new generation of fans from around the world are discovering INXS through streaming, " Petrol Records founder Chris Murphy, whose company prepared the LP, said. "We are entering an exciting period of rediscovery of their legacy and a reassessment of their place in music history. ”.

INXS Definitive INXS Mystify Todos os véus e enevoadas Ruas de azul Almond parece devine Esse frio algum momento de seda vai para sempre E estamos deixando corações partidos para trás Mystify Mystify mim Mystify Mystify mim eu preciso perfeição Alguns seleção torcida. Que m emaranhados Para manter-me vivo Em tudo o que existe Bem, nenhum deles tem a sua beleza Eu vejo seu rosto e eu vou sobreviver Mystify Mystify mim Mystify Mystify mim Eternamente selvagem com o poder Para fazer a cada momento vem vivo Todas aquelas estrelas que brilham em cima de você vou beijar você toda noite Todos os véus e enevoadas Ruas de azul Almond parece devine Esse frio algum momento de seda vai para sempre E estamos deixando Sim, estamos deixando para trás corações partidos Mystify Mystify mim Mystify Mystify mim Você é eternamente selvagem com o poder Para fazer a cada momento vem vivo Todas aquelas estrelas que brilham em cima de você E vou te beijar todas as noites Mystify Mystify mim Mystify Mystify mim Mystify Mystify mim Mystify All veils and misty Streets of blue Almond looks That chill devine Some silken moment Goes on forever And we're leaving Broken hearts behind Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me I need perfection Some twisted selection That tangles me To keep me alive In all that exists Well, none has your beauty I see your face and I will survive Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me Eternally wild with the power To make every moment come alive All those stars that shine upon you Will kiss you every night All veils and misty Streets of blue Almond looks That chill devine Some silken moment Goes on forever And we're leaving Yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me You're eternally wild with the power To make every moment come alive All those stars that shine upon you And they'll kiss you every night Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me.

Mystify 3a michael hutchence paroles. I never understood Paula's appeal and she was bad news. I have just rediscovered Michael and watched every video read every article the universe had me drawn to him a month ago then I see this no wonder his name is wondering the earth to be relived reloved and never forgotten rip Michael. Now I could be wrong but I think she was flirting here. Mystify: Michael hutchence. Where or how can I view this doc? I missed the 1 day showing a few weeks back. Anyone know. Captain John Silver as Michael Hutchence! Great actor. She is completely throwing herself at him. he couldn't get away if he tried. RIP TO THE BOTH OF THEM.



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