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runtime 1 hour 39 min Alistair Banks Griffin Genre Drama Alistair Banks Griffin Release date 2019 stars Brennan Brown.

Editor: How much color and brightness you want? Director : Yes. Shoutout Big Cottonwood Canyon. The wolf hour watch full length 2017. YouTube. Gracias por existir c. Guys and girls, demos, EPs, Splits, Etc (Rehearsals, Singles, Compilations) are usually the understudies of the year with only their entrance into a Top 10 album list if the author can not think of anything else and has 9 albums and needs 10. Paying attention to demos, EPs, splits, Etc (D/E/S/E) however can be a rewarding experience tending a horrid garden and seeing a field of potential for the future. Some artists only release demos and splits while others just use it as a stop gap between full lengths. Whatever the case, the study of D/E/S/E can be a wild ride with short and numerous releases. Even if you know NOTHING on this charts, these type of releases are celebrated and have been since underground metal first took off. This is going to be different than our full length list with there not being a clear "Best. What is going to be interesting is going through other users lists and discovering how much you missed throughout the year. Even though I thought I did a good job at keeping my door open to look at all passing demos, there will be lists where I do not even recognize names. Please List Your 5-15 (or 20) Favorite Demos / Splits / EPs in any order and I will tabulate them the same way. Minimum number for participation is 5 and maximum number is 15. If you are participating please list your vote like this: Artist - Release Title In case of splits, use whatever MA has listed which is usually alphabetical, sometimes not. Oh hell what does it matter, there are going to be 30 of you here so I can deal. Mod Lists deathofthesun Sijjin - Angel of the Eastern Gate Galaxy - Lost From the Start Tyrann - s/t Malignant Altar - Retribution of Jealous Gods Air Raid - Demon's Eye Megaton Sword - Niralet Dead Kosmonaut - Rekviem Overdose - Hit the Road Undergang - Ufrivillig Donation Af Vitale Organe Solicitor - Solicitor Evil/Siege Column - split Desaster - Black Celebration Source - Spelling Swords Mausoleum Gate - The Demon Age of Aquarius Stälker - Powermad Kaptain Carbon (Tape Wyrm) Skrawl – Nil Jordslået - EP II Lichmagick - Lichmagick Void Wraith – I Sněť – Promo Undeath - Sentient Autolysis o. T. s – Untitled Gwoid – Gwoid VI – Aurora Borealis Himelvaruwe – Het ondenkbare Vomit Spell – Demo Witches Hex – Rituals Under The Red Moon Astriferous – Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence Hexerei – Oath Burial - Presence From Beyond Jesus Wept / Choker MountainofBlood Krukh - Fanebærer - Slagne Sagn Starcave - A Common Beast Henious - Lucifer Vult Lichmagick - Lichmagick Feast Of Blaze Malignant Altar - Retribution Of Jealous Gods Flamekeeper - We Who Light The Fire Sijjin - Angel Of The Eastern Gate Desaster - Black Celebration Ectovoid - Inner Death Chtonic Deity - Reassembled In Pain Black Curse - Endless Wound Galaxy - Lost From The Start Ripper - Sensory Stagnation Evil/Siege Column - Evil/Siege Column Suppression - Suppresion Undeath - Sentient Autolysis Undergang - Ufrivillig donation af vitale organer Sanguisugabogg - Pornagraphic Seizures Markgraf - 2019 demo severedfragile Moulin Banal - Le Rythme du Maréchal Ferrant Insanity Cult / Void Omnia - Contemplation In Discordance Hellripper - Black Arts & Alchemy Father Befouled - Holy Rotten Blood (Batman. Death Worship - End Times Graven Maul - Lay a Pox Upon Their Bloodline Byyrth - Cold Autumn Shadows Anthropophagous - Spoiled Marrow Skrawl - Nil Putrescine - The One Reborn Ripped to Shreds - 魔經 - Demon Scriptures Sanguisugabogg - Pornographic Seizures Serpents Athirst / Genocide Shrines / Trepanation / Heresiarch - Scorn Coalescence Triumvir Foul - Urine of Abomination Vessel of Iniquity - Void of Infinite Horror TOP 10 [D/E/S/E] of 2019 Release Vote Count Country Genre Type Sanguisugabogg - Pornographic Seizures 17 US Brutal. Death Demo Malignant Altar - Retribution of Jealous Gods 16 US Death Demo Lichmagick - Lichmagick 15 US Black / Speed EP Primitive Warfare - Primitive Warfare 14 US Black / Death Demo Undeath - Sentient Autolysis 10 US Death Demo Suffering Hour - Dwell 9 Sweden Blackened Death EP Panopticon - The Crescendo of Dusk 8 US Atmospheric Black EP Ossuary - Supreme Degradation 7 US Death Demo Sijjin - Angel Of The Eastern Gate 7 Germany Death / Thrash Demo Black Ejaculate - Cum Soaked Messiah 6 US Black Demo ಠ_ಠ Cianide - Unhumanized 6 US Death / Doom EP Triumvir Foul - Urine of Abomination 6 US Death EP Undergang - Ufrivillig donation af vitale organer 6 Denmark Death EP Black Curse - Endless Wound 6 US Death Demo Flamekeeper - We Who Light the Fire 5 Sweden Epic Heavy / Black EP Galaxy - Lost From the Start 5 Australia Heavy EP Gatekeeper - Grey Maiden 5 Canada Heavy EP Hellripper - Black Arts & Alchemy 5 Scotland Black / Speed EP Krukh - 5 US Black EP Ripped to Shreds - Demon Scriptures 5 US Death / Doom EP Ripper - Sensory Stagnation 5 Chile Death / Thrash EP Ritual Laceration - I 5 US Black / Death Demo Skrawl - Nil 5 US Black / Punk Demo 4, Evil/Siege Column - Evil/Siege Column 4, Frozen Soul - Encased in Ice 4, Kapala - Termination Apex 4, Sankara - Total Liberation of the Human Race 4, Sedimentum - Demo 3, Death Worship - End Times 3, Draghkar - Beyond Despair, the Dawn of Rebirth 3, Excarnated Entity - Stillborn in Ash 3, Krallice - Wolf 3, Nimbifer - Demo I 3, Phobophilic - Undimensioned Identities 3, Ripped to Shreds - Eight Immortals Feast 3, Source - Spelling Swords 3, Suppression - Repugnant Remains 3, Ultha - Belong 3, Visigoth - Bells of Awakening 3, Volahn - El Tigre Del Sur.

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Watch in HD Download in HD Starring: Naomi Watts, Jennifer Ehle, Emory Cohen, Angel Christian Roman, Pedro Hollywood, John Palacio, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Brennan Brown Director: Alistair Banks Griffin, Length: 100 Minutes Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller IMDb: Release/Country: 2019/Netherlands The Wolf Hour (2019) June was once a known counter-culture figure, but that was a decade ago. She now lives alone in her South Bronx apartment, having all but cut herself off from the outside world. Watch The Wolf Hour (2019) Online Full Movie Free Tweet Whatsapp Share Featured Movies (2019) Posted by: Last updated: September 24, 2019 Copyright content is often deleted by video hosts, Please report us by commenting, We'll fix it ASAP! Video Starts and Stops? Just pause it for 2-4 minutes then continue playing.

And again I get surprised as Nick knows that I need his music in my mind and that makes me feel good.


If the movie does not work, please try to stream it with another source under the video player The Wolf Hour (2019) Once a known counterculture figure, June E. Leigh now lives in self-imposed exile in her South Bronx apartment during the incendiary 77 Summer of Sam. When an unseen tormentor begins exploiting Junes weaknesses, her insular universe begins to unravel. Genre: Drama,  Mystery,  Thriller Director: Alistair Banks Griffin Actors: Brennan Brown, Emory Cohen, Jennifer Ehle, Jeremy Bobb, Justin Clarke, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Maritza Veer, Naomi Watts, Ohene Cornelius, Pedro Hollywood Country: UK, USA Duration: 99 Quality: HD Release: 2019 IMDb: 7. 5.

Beware the Full Moon: The History of Werewolves in Film By Meagan Navarro Myths and folklore of werewolves were widespread across Europe during the medieval period. "The Howling' Though they werent really considered myths, but truth back then. There were even werewolf witch trials in Estonia and Livonia that began early 15th century, advanced through Europe, and finally waned in the 18th century. The concept of werewolves spread, eventually spilling over into the New World. 'Dog Soldiers' That werewolves have been so deeply ingrained in worldwide culture for centuries makes it no surprise that werewolf folklore would pervade fiction and film. As our culture has shifted, so have werewolves, both in design and metaphor. While there are hundreds of films about werewolves, heres a condensed history highlighting the essentials and how they evolved over the years. 'An American Werewolf in London' The first werewolf film made was the silent short film, The Werewolf, in 1913. Following a Navajo woman who becomes a witch after believing her husband abandoned her, she teaches her daughter the ability to transform into a wolf to seek vengeance. The wolf transformation sequence involved a real wolf and camera dissolves to achieve the transformation effect. Originally distributed by Universal Studios, a 1924 fire destroyed all prints of the 18-minute film. Its now lost forever. The first mainstream Hollywood movie to feature a werewolf was Universal Studios Werewolf of London, released in 1935 after the successes of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man. Legendary make-up effects master Jack Pierce was called upon to handle the titular werewolf, but actor Henry Hull resisted Pierces design, insisting that the wolf needed to be recognizable. Pierce held film on his design until Hull went above him to the studio head, who sided with Hull. 'Van Helsing' Luckily, for everyone involved, Pierce held on to his concept and employed it six years later with actor Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Wolf Man. The movie that played a vital role in Hollywoods future depictions of werewolf in film. Chaney Jr. spent hours in the makeup chair transforming his character Larry Talbot into the Wolf Man getting coated in yak hair, but the first werewolf on screen is Bela Lugosis gypsy, who transforms into a black wolf. Of all the Universal Studios monster movies that came in the 1940s, Lon Chaney Jr. was the only actor to reprise his character in all the film appearances that decade. 'Ginger Snaps' Thanks to the real-world horrors of World War II, the advent of the atom bomb, and the infamous Roswell incident, the 1950s shifted horror into something relegated to B-movie status and heavily influenced by sci-fi. Horror audiences became primarily teenagers. It meant not very many werewolves on screen, and the few that were released combined the B-movie schlock with attempts to recapture Pierces design for Lon Chaney Jr. The Werewolf, in 1956, followed two scientists that inject their unconscious driver with a serum that transforms him into a vicious wolf man. 'Bad Moon' Similarly, in 1957, I Was a Teenage Werewolf sees a doctor for his depression, only to find that his doctor is a mad scientist whose experiments turns him into a werewolf. Though campy, it became one of American International Pictures bestselling films. 'The Wolfman' By the 1960s, horror shifted from the drive-in, the teen audiences now more grown and wanting something more sophisticated and in line with the rapidly changing world around them. Werewolves received more attention this decade than the last, the first notable film was Hammer Horrors The Curse of the Werewolf in 1961. 'Bad Moon' It was Hammer Horrors only feature-length werewolf film, and shares much in common with The Wolf Man. Oliver Reed plays Leon Corledo, a bastard son cursed at birth to become a werewolf, and great makeup and special effects handled by Les Bowie, a mainstay of Hammer Studios films. 'Bad Moon' On a smaller scale, werewolves would factor in many family friendly monster films like Munsters, Go Home and animated comedy Mad Monster Party? and exploitation B-horror Blood of Draculas Castle depending on which version you watched. 'Van Helsing' 1973 brought The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, a film about a boy who watches his father become a werewolf. Its a bit humorous in that the films climax involves the werewolf attacking Jesus hippies, but overall, its a metaphor on male toxicity that features the werewolf quite prominently. Its also one of the few films so far that gave its werewolves a snout. 'Hombre Lobo' The ‘70s also brought about the rise of Spanish filmmaker and actor Paul Naschy, and his Hombre Lobo werewolf series that featured character Waldemar Daninsky. The plotlines arent connected, but they all feature werewolf Waldemar in various scenarios spanning 12 films, most of which released in the ‘70s. 'An American Werewolf in PAris' The technological advances of the 1980s meant special visual effects would bring werewolves back into the mainstream in a massive way. The year 1981 brought the release of Wolfen, The Howling, and An American Werewolf in London. The latter two unleashed unrivaled transformation sequences of their werewolves that have yet to be beat today. Rick Baker won an Oscar for his work on An American Werewolf in London, the first year the Academy Award created the competitive category for Best Makeup. 'An american Werewolf in London' Inspired by the film, Michael Jackson would seek out John Landis to create a 14-minute music video around this hit “Thriller, ” featuring the singer transforming into a werewolf. A massive hit, the video was permanently etched into pop culture. The golden age of practical effects brought a slew of werewolves in film throughout the decade, from supporting roles in films like The Monster Squad, Waxwork, Fright Night Part II, or Transylvania 6-5000, to the star in films like Silver Bullet, Teen Wolf, The Company of Wolves, and The Beast Within. 'The Howling' By the ‘90s, the glut of practical effect drive horror had waned, relegated werewolves to low budget films mostly faded into the background. The most notable releases being Wolf and Bad Moon. Further advances in technology changes the effects world from practical into computer-generated effects. The highly anticipated sequel to Landis beloved werewolf movie that released in 1997, An American Werewolf in Paris, disappointed with its digital transformation scene. It marked the first in a digital trend. 'The Howling' Mainstream Hollywood would continue to employ heavy use of CGI at the turn of the new century. Films like the Underworld series, Van Helsing, Cursed (Rick Baker was even initially involved but scrapped in favor of CG) The Wolfman (2010) Red Riding Hood, Howl, and more all employed digital work to create their werewolves. Though technology continued to rapidly advance, these monsters still didnt hold a candle to the tangible practical effects of their forefathers. 'An American Werewolf in London' But the turn of the century brought about exciting horror from the independent scene, especially when it comes to werewolves. Ginger Snaps unleashed a vicious puberty metaphor by way of werewolves, featuring practical effects, a slow werewolf transition, and a great werewolf design. The indie Canadian horror film has since become a huge cult hit that earned a sequel and a prequel. 'Ginger Snaps' Two years later, writer/director Neil Marshall boldly declared himself on the horror scene with Dog Soldiers, a gory thrill ride with ambition. Theres no subtext or changes to the werewolf myth, just a full-blown werewolf siege on unsuspecting soldiers in the Scottish Highlands. Marshalls love of werewolves translated on screen to create some of the best modern horror movie werewolves yet. "Underworld' More and more independent filmmakers are toying with werewolf conventions, a trend I hope continues. Films like Late Phases, using werewolves as a way of dealing with aging, or WolfCop that uses werewolves to humorous effect, show that the sub-genre has a lot left to be explored. 'The Howling' If theres one thing that the century of werewolf films has taught us, its that transforming humans into wolf-like creatures requires skill, technical precision, and innovation. Things that require time and money, of which film productions rarely have an abundance. Those that attempt practical driven effects combined with creativity, though, usually deliver memorable werewolves. Please give us more. 'An American Werewolf in London' werewolf #werewolves #werewolfmovie #werewolfmovies #werewolffilms #lycans #thehowling #americanwerewolfinlondon 3gingersnaps #underworldwolf #badmoon.

The wolf hour watch full length online. Hola. y gran video The Wolf es una de mis canciones favoritas. The wolf hour watch full length 2016. Once a known counterculture figure, June E. Leigh now lives in self-imposed exile in her South Bronx apartment during the incendiary 77 Summer of Sam. When an unseen tormentor begins exploiting Junes weaknesses, her insular universe begins to unravel.

The wolf hour watch full length movie. Saw Gina Carano and thought hell yeah. This is part 4, Volume II in a series about our direwolves. Due to length, I am breaking it into multiple volumes, as below: Volume I (AGoT) Volume III (ASoS) Volume IV (ADwD. Series posts: Part 1: Lady/Sansa, Part 2: Grey Wind/Robb, Part 3: Nymeria/Arya, Part 5: Shaggydog/Rickon, Part 6: Ghost/Jon A Clash of Kings – Summer and The Winged Wolf – Chained In this volume, while we continue our themes, we see how close Summer and Bran truly are through the introduction of wolf dreams.  Later, Bran gets his first mentor in Jojen, and we get even more information about how Brans power fits into this bond. Finally, Bran is isolated in the crypts, and we see a step change in Brans ability to truly warm into Summer. By the end of this book well see how the magic indeed is stronger in Bran, which makes their bond develop stronger and faster. Maester Luwins anti magic bias is continued rather heavy-handedly in this volume as well.  Coupled with the effect of Old Nans stories, Bran fears the obvious magical implications of his dreams.  The effect is to limit his receptivity to the message of the 3iCrow, Jojen, and the tree dreams.  Jojen calls him the winged wolf, but he is chained to Winterfell by this fear and reticence. Unfortunately, the theme of the Direwolves not being able to protect the boys when separated from them continues in this volume, too. The first Bran chapter in ACoK is the  first mention of a wolf dream in the story, although Old Nan tells Bran that he is not the first Stark to experience one.  She also echoes the SSM from our introduction. This chapter is almost non-stop direwolf interaction and wolf dream hints. Bran is stuck in his room a lot and finds interest in the behavior of the wolves, especially howling.  This is an example of the call of the pack. He tries to get in the wolves heads, especially about why theyre howling at the comet, and he gets a lot of conflicting feedback from people around Winterfell.  One ironic comment is from Roderick Cassel, who asks “who can know the mind of a wolf? ”  Oh, Ser Roderick, the answer was staring into your face! A Clash of Kings – Bran I He could not walk, nor climb nor hunt nor fight with a wooden sword as once he had, but he could still look. He liked to watch the windows begin to glow all over Winterfell as candles and hearth fires were lit behind the diamond-shaped panes of tower and hall, and he loved to listen to the direwolves sing to the stars. Of late, he often dreamed of wolves. They are talking to me, brother to brother, he told himself when the direwolves howled. He could almost understand them. not quite, not truly, but almost. as if they were singing in a language he had once known and somehow forgotten. The Walders might be scared of them, but the Starks had wolf blood. Old Nan told him so. “ Though it is stronger in some than in others, ” she s howls were long and sad, full of grief and longing. Shaggydogs were more savage. Their voices echoed through the yards and halls until the castle rang and it seemed as though some great pack of direwolves haunted Winterfell, instead of only two. two where there had once been six. Do they miss their brothers and sisters too? Bran wondered. Are they calling to Grey Wind and Ghost, to Nymeria and Ladys Shade? Do they want them to come home and be a pack together? “Who can know the mind of a wolf? ” Ser Rodrik Cassel said when Bran asked him why they howled. Brans lady mother had named him castellan of Winterfell in her absence, and his duties left him little time for idle questions. “Its freedom theyre calling for, ” declared Farlen, who was kennelmaster and had no more love for the direwolves than his hounds did. “They dont like being walled up, and whos to blame them? Wild things belong in the wild, not in a castle. ”“They want to hunt, ” agreed Gage the cook as he tossed cubes of suet in a great kettle of stew. “A wolf smells bettern any man. Like as not, theyve caught the scent o prey. ”Maester Luwin did not think so. “Wolves often howl at the moon. These are howling at the comet. See how bright it is, Bran? Perchance they think it is the moon. ”When Bran repeated that to Osha, she laughed aloud. “Your wolves have more wit than your maester, ” the wildling woman said. “They know truths the grey man has forgotten. ” The way she said it made him shiver, and when he asked what the comet meant, she answered, “Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet. The howling continues, making us all wonder what its like in the mind of a wolf. Bran, remembering his wolf dream and determined to find out, starts howling himself.  Its a bit of humor at the beginning of this part of the saga, although its clear that this pack behavior is recognized by the wolves and represents a deepening of the bond.  Ominously, though, this is the first time that both wolves have been confined away from the boys since Bran awoke.  Did nobody tell Ser Roderick of the protection that Summer has provided their Lord?  Is his memory so short? And still the direwolves howled. The guards on the walls muttered curses, hounds in the kennels barked furiously, horses kicked at their stalls, the Walders shivered by their fire, and even Maester Luwin complained of sleepless nights. Only Bran did not mind. Ser Rodrik had confined the wolves to the godswood after Shaggydog bit Little Walder, but the stones of Winterfell played queer tricks with sound, and sometimes it sounded as if they were in the yard right below Brans window. Other times he would have sworn they were up on the curtain walls, loping round like sentries. He wished that he could see them. […]Summer had howled the day Bran had fallen, and for long after as he lay broken in his bed; Robb had told him so before he went away to war. Summer had mourned for him, and Shaggydog and Grey Wind had joined in his grief. And the night the bloody raven had brought word of their fathers death, the wolves had known that too. Bran had been in the maesters turret with Rickon talking of the children of the forest when Summer and Shaggydog had drowned out Luwin with their howls. Who are they mourning now? Had some enemy slain the King in the North, who used to be his brother Robb? Had his bastard brother Jon Snow fallen from the Wall? Had his mother died, or one of his sisters? Or was this something else, as maester and septon and Old Nan seemed to think? If I were truly a direwolf, I would understand the song, he thought wistfully. In his wolf dreams, he could race up the sides of mountains, jagged icy mountains taller than any tower, and stand at the summit beneath the full moon with all the world below him, the way it used to made Bran feel queer when they called him prince, though he was Robbs heir, and Robb was King in the North now. He turned his head to howl at the guard. “Oooooooo. Oo-oo-oooooooooooo. ”“Oooo, ” Bran cried tentatively. He cupped his hands around his mouth and lifted his head to the comet. “Ooooooooooooooooooo, ahooooooooooooooo, ” he howled. It sounded stupid, high and hollow and quavering, a little boys howl, not a wolfs. Yet Summer gave answer, his deep voice drowning out Brans thin one, and Shaggydog made it a chorus. Bran haroooed again. They howled together, last of their noise brought a guard to his door, Hayhead with the wen on his nose. He peered in, saw Bran howling out the window, and said, “Whats this, my prince? ”It made Bran feel queer when they called him prince, though he was Robbs heir, and Robb was King in the North now. ”Hayhead screwed up his face. “Now you stop that there. ”“Ooo-ooo-oooooo. Ooo-ooo-ooooooooooooooooo. ” Certainly, Maester Luwin knows better than confine the wolves away from the boys, but he can admit to to himself due to his prejudices against magic. That skepticism is in full force in the second half of the selections below.  Bran is dropping hints left and right about wolf dreams and trees dreams.  Its clear that hes being bombarded with information in these dreams and is trying to make sense of it.  He doesnt even seem to realize that he is “dreaming” inside the consciousness of Summer.  He desperately misses the wolf, given the forced separation.  I wonder if the separation fostered a quicker development of the wolf dreams that might have otherwise happened.  Thinking back to part 3, the same didnt happen immediately with Arya And Nymeria, although their connection seemed to be reignited when in closer proximity while still being separated in the Riverlands. “All men must sleep, Bran. Even princes. ”“ When I sleep I turn into a wolf. ” Bran turned his face away and looked back out into the night. “Do wolves dream? ”“All creatures dream, I think, yet not as men do. ”“Do dead men dream? ” Bran asked, thinking of his father. In the dark crypts below Winterfell, a stonemason was chiseling out his fathers likeness in granite. “Some say yes, some no, ” the maester answered. “The dead themselves are silent on the matter. ” “Do trees dream? ”“Trees? No. ”“They do, ” Bran said with sudden certainty. “ They dream tree dreams. I dream of a tree sometimes. A weirwood, like the one in the godswood. It calls to me. The wolf dreams are better. I smell things, and sometimes I can taste the blood. ”[…]“Home. Its their fault you wont let me have Summer. ”“The Frey boy did not ask to be attacked, ” the maester said, “no more than I did. ”“That was Shaggydog. ” Rickons big black wolf was so wild he even frightened Bran at times. “Summer never bit anyone. ”“ Summer ripped out a mans throat in this very chamber, or have you forgotten? The truth is, those sweet pups you and your brothers found in the snow have grown into dangerous beasts. The Frey boys are wise to be wary of them. ”“We should put the Walders in the godswood. They could play lord of the crossing all they want, and Summer could sleep with me again. If Im the prince, why wont you heed me? I wanted to ride Dancer, but Alebelly wouldnt let me past the gate. ”“And rightly so. The wolfswood is full of danger; your last ride should have taught you that. Would you want some outlaw to take you captive and sell you to the Lannisters? ”“ Summer would save me, ” Bran insisted stubbornly. “Princes should be allowed to sail the sea and hunt boar in the wolfswood and joust with lances. ”“Bran, child, why do you torment yourself so? One day you may do some of these things, but now you are only a boy of eight. ”“Id sooner be a wolf. Then I could live in the wood and sleep when I wanted, and I could find Arya and Sansa. Id smell where they were and go save them, and when Robb went to battle Id fight beside him like Grey Wind. Id tear out the Kingslayers throat with my teeth, rip, and then the war would be over and everyone would come back to Winterfell. If I was a wolf. ” He howled. “Ooo-ooo-oooooooooooo. ”Luwin raised his voice. “A true prince would welcome—”“AAHOOOOOOO, ” Bran howled, louder. “OOOO-OOOO-OOOO. ”– A Clash of Kings – Bran I Luwin, it seems that YOU have forgotten that when Summer tore that mans throat out it was saving Bran and Catelyns life.  Bran even argues that Summer would protect him, but Luwin is so sure that everyone else needs protection from the wolves that he is unable to remember! The other key takeway is that spending nights as a direwolf is definitely rubbing off on Bran.  Its cute, but Bran it bears remembering that Bran is impressionable to Summers wolfishness. As an aside, all the howling in that chapter reminds me of the Ozzy Osbourne song “Bark at the Moon”.  Ive made a recording of that song, and I will be using it on a post on YouTube. The theme of the wolves being protectors is doubled-down on in the following chapter, in addition to further discussion of wolf dreams.  The boys do get a chance to play with them in the godswood, but the wolves remain confined there at night.  Chekhovs confinement.  Bran does seem to make a point of visiting whenever he can, suggesting continued affection.  We also see of the wolves savagery, their threat to enemies, sense of threats, and pack behavior. A Clash of Kings – Bran II “Let him. I always wanted a wolfskin cloak. ”“ Summer would tear your fat head off, ” Bran Walder banged a mailed fist against his breastplate. “Does your wolf have steel teeth, to bite through plate and mail? ”[…]“As you will, my prince, ” said Ser Rodrik. “You did well. ” Bran flushed with pleasure. Being a lord was not so tedious as he had feared, and since Lady Hornwood had been so much briefer than Lord Manderly, he even had a few hours of daylight left to visit with Summer. He liked to spend time with his wolf every day, when Ser Rodrik and the maester allowed sooner had Hodor entered the godswood than Summer emerged from under an oak, almost as if he had known they were coming. Bran glimpsed a lean black shape watching from the undergrowth as well. “Shaggy, ” he called. “Here, Shaggydog. To me. ” But Rickons wolf vanished as swiftly as hed appeared. […]And then Osha exploded up out of the pool with a great splash, so sudden that even Summer leapt back, snarling. Hodor jumped away, wailing “Hodor, Hodor” in dismay until Bran patted his shoulder to soothe his fears. “How can you swim in there? ” he asked Osha. “Isnt it cold? ”“As a babe I suckled on icicles, boy. I like the cold. ” Osha swam to the rocks and rose dripping. She was naked, her skin bumpy with gooseprickles.  Summer crept close and sniffed at her. “I wanted to touch the bottom. ”[…]“Hed never dare hurt me. Hes scared of Summer, no matter what he says. ”“Then might be hes not so stupid as he seems. ” Osha was always wary around the direwolves. The day she was taken, Summer and Grey Wind between them had torn three wildlings to bloody pieces. “Or might be he is. And that tastes of trouble too. ” She tied up her hair. “You have more of them wolf dreams? ”“No. ” He did not like to talk about the dreams. “A prince should lie better than that. ” Osha laughed. “Well, your dreams are your business. Mines in the kitchens, and Id best be getting back before Gage starts to shouting and waving that big wooden spoon of his. By your leave, my prince. ” She should never have talked about the wolf dreams, Bran thought as Hodor carried him up the steps to his bedchamber. He fought against sleep as long as he could, but in the end it took him as it always did. On this night he dreamed of the weirwood. It was looking at him with its deep red eyes, calling to him with its twisted wooden mouth, and from its pale branches the three-eyed crow came flapping, pecking at his face and crying his name in a voice as sharp as swords. – A Clash of Kings – Bran II Notice at the end of that passage how Bran is now not happy about having the dreams.  Could it be that he still likes the wolf dreams and its the other dreams hes not happy about?  Could it be that he is realizing they are real and he is going into Summer?  Could Summers mood about being confined be affecting Bran?  Could he be worried about being a warg?  I think the answer to all these questions is “YES”.  Chiefly though, its probably the last question that bothers him.  Wargs dont have a good reputation in many of the stories Old Nan has told him, especially the scary ones that Bran used to like. In the next chapter, we are again reminded of the wolves confinement, and during Brans first meeting with the Reeds we are also reminded of Summers ability to keep Shaggydog in check. A Clash of Kings – Bran III Dancer was draped in bardings of snowy white wool emblazoned with the grey direwolf of House Stark, while Bran wore grey breeches and white doublet, his sleeves and collar trimmed with vair. Over his heart was his wolfs-head brooch of silver and polished jet. He would sooner have had Summer  than a silver wolf on his breast, but Ser Rodrik had been unyielding. […]“They wont bite if Im there. ” Bran was pleased that they wanted to see the wolves. “ Summer wont anyway, and hell keep Shaggydog away. ” He was curious about these mudmen. He could not recall ever seeing one before. His father had sent letters to the Lord of Greywater over the years, but none of the crannogmen had ever called at Winterfell. He would have liked to talk to them more, but the Great Hall was so noisy that it was hard to hear anyone who wasnt right beside you. Finally, we get our first vivid depiction of a wolf dream, through Summers eyes when the Reeds visit the Godswood.  Not how the author bridges the boys thoughts with the wolfs thoughts using the sense of smell.  Masterful.  The first wolf thoughts are of pack and the instinct to hunt.  Then, when the Reeds enter, he notes that they had no taint of fear, likely a scent-related observation.  Note also Jojens observation about Summer/Brans power.  Jojens also admits later that he sensed Bran inside Summer. He went to sleep with his head full of knights in gleaming armor, fighting with swords that shone like starfire, but when the dream came he was in the godswood again. The smells from the kitchen and the Great Hall were so strong that it was almost as if he had never left the feast. He prowled beneath the trees, his brother close behind him. This night was wildly alive, full of the howling of the man-pack at their play. The sounds made him restless. He wanted to run, to hunt, he wanted to—The rattle of iron made his ears prick up. His brother heard it too. They raced through the undergrowth toward the sound. Bounding across the still water at the foot of the old white one, he caught the scent of a stranger, the man-smell well mixed with leather and earth and intruders had pushed a few yards into the wood when he came upon them; a female and a young male, with no taint of fear to them, even when he showed them the white of his brother growled low in his throat, yet still they did not run. “Here they come, ” the female said. Meera, some part of him whispered, some wisp of the sleeping boy lost in the wolf dream. “Did you know they would be so big? ”“They will be bigger still before they are grown, ” the young male said, watching them with eyes large, green, and unafraid. “The black one is full of fear and rage, but the grey is strong. stronger than he knows. can you feel him, sister? ”“No, ” she said, moving a hand to the hilt of the long brown knife she wore. “Go careful, Jojen. ”“He wont hurt me. This is not the day I die. ” The male walked toward them, unafraid, and reached out for his muzzle, a touch as light as a summer breeze. Yet at the brush of those fingers the wood dissolved and the very ground turned to smoke beneath his feet and swirled away laughing, and then he was spinning and falling, falling, falling. – A Clash of Kings – Bran III Both Reeds, Jojen especially, seem quite aware of the way of wargs and are completely comfortable around the wolves, too comfortable as we find out later. That comfort continues without concern early in the next chapter as Meera plays with Summer.  She even muses how mild-tempered Summer is, when Bran agrees that Summer wouldnt hurt them.  Summer certainly doesnt consider them a threat, and Bran obviously likes both Jojen and Meera, so hes mirroring Brans good humor, especially in the affection for Meera.  Its quite endearing.  Still, summer is undoubtedly acting as a wolf, and the way he hunts her is reminiscent of the way he was very careful during the attack on the wildlings in AGoT.  Later Bran and Summer have another touching affectionate moment as well. A Clash of Kings – Bran IV Meera moved in a wary circle, her net dangling loose in her left hand, the slender three-pronged frog spear poised in her right.  Summer followed her with his golden eyes, turning, his tail held stiff and tall. Watching, watching. “Yai! ” the girl shouted, the spear darting out. The wolf slid to the left and leapt before she could draw back the spear. Meera cast her net, the tangles unfolding in the air before her. Summers leap carried him into it. He dragged it with him as he slammed into her chest and knocked her over backward. Her spear went spinning away. The damp grass cushioned her fall but the breath went out of her in an “Oof. ” The wolf crouched atop hooted. “You lose. ”“She wins, ” her brother Jojen said. “Summers snared. ”He was right, Bran saw. Thrashing and growling at the net, trying to rip free, Summer was only ensnaring himself worse. Nor could he bite through. “Let him out. ”Laughing, the Reed girl threw her arms around the tangled wolf and rolled them both. Summer gave a piteous whine, his legs kicking against the cords that bound them. Meera knelt, undid a twist, pulled at a corner, tugged deftly here and there, and suddenly the direwolf was bounding free. “Summer, to me. ” Bran spread his arms. “Watch, ” he said, an instant before the wolf bowled into him. He clung with all his strength as the wolf dragged him bumping through the grass. They wrestled and rolled and clung to each other, one snarling and yapping, the other laughing. In the end it was Bran sprawled on top, the mud-spattered direwolf under him. “Good wolf, ” he panted. Summer licked him across the shook her head. “ Does he never grow angry? ”“Not with me. ” Bran grabbed the wolf by his ears and Summer snapped at him fiercely, but it was all in play. “Sometimes he tears my garb but hes never drawn blood. ”“Your blood, you mean. If hed gotten past my net. ”“ He wouldnt hurt you. He knows I like you. ” All of the other lords and knights had departed within a day or two of the harvest feast, but the Reeds had stayed to become Brans constant companions. Jojen was so solemn that Old Nan called him “little grandfather, ” but Meera reminded Bran of his sister Arya. She wasnt scared to get dirty, and she could run and fight and throw as good as a boy. She was older than Arya, though; almost sixteen, a woman grown. They were both older than Bran, even though his ninth name day had finally come and gone, but they never treated him like a child. “I wish you were our wards instead of the Walders. ” He began to struggle toward the nearest tree. His dragging and wriggling was unseemly to watch, but when Meera moved to lift him he said, “No, dont help me. ” He rolled clumsily and pushed and squirmed backward, using the strength of his arms, until he was sitting with his back to the trunk of a tall ash. “See, I told you. ” Summer lay down with his head in Brans lap. “I never knew anyone who fought with a net before, ” he told Meera while he scratched the direwolf between the ears. “Did your master-at-arms teach you net-fighting? ” Summers affection for Bran and Meera doesnt appear to extend to Jojen. When he joins the exchange he quickly moves on to the supernatural, implying that Bran is “the winged wolf” of his dream.  The assertion that the wolf is held by “grey stone chains” seems a rather heavy-handed implication that maester Luwin and Winterfell itself are holding Bran back from achieving his magical potential.  I do wonder if there is a larger prophecy around this figure of the winged wolf, or if it is first introduced into Westerosi lore by Jojen. In any case, Summer mirrors Bran, by first acting intrigued by the conversation and then acting defensive when Bran wants to change the subject to things Bran is uncomfortable with. Jojens eyes were the color of moss, and sometimes when he looked at you he seemed to be seeing something else. Like now. “I dreamed of a winged wolf bound to earth with grey stone chains, ” he said. “It was a green dream, so I knew it was true. A crow was trying to peck through the chains, but the stone was too hard and his beak could only chip at them. “Did the crow have three eyes? ”Jojen nodded. Summer raised his head from Brans lap, and gazed at the mudman with his dark golden eyes. “When I was little I almost died of greywater fever. That was when the crow came to me. ”[…]“I only have two. ”“You have three. The crow gave you the third, but you will not open it. ” He had a slow soft way of speaking. “With two eyes you see my face. With three you could see my heart. With two you can see that oak tree there. With three you could see the acorn the oak grew from and the stump that it will one day become. With two you see no farther than your walls. With three you would gaze south to the Summer Sea and north beyond the Wall. ” Summer got to his feet. “I dont need to see so far. ” Bran made a nervous smile. “Im tired of talking about crows. Lets talk about wolves. Or lizard-lions. Have you ever hunted one, Meera? We dont have them here. ” Then, the chapter takes a dangerous turn, when Jojens intrusive “dream” questions make Bran uncomfortable and then angry.  Summer continues to mirror Brans mood.  As the situation escalates, it shows the lie to Brans earlier assertion that Summer wouldnt hurt them.  He would if Brans mood led there.  Also, we see Summers independence again as he does not obey immediately when Bran calls him off.  Bran says that he wants Summer to stop threatening the Reeds, but Summer independently follows his mood, not his command. We also see pack behavior as Shaggydog joins Summer in threatening the Reeds.  Brans assertion that they wont hurt Hodor is dubious, given how he had only just insisted that Summer wouldnt hurt Meera either.  At the end of it all, Summer lays next to Bran.  This could be interpreted as affection or a protectiveness. There is a lot exposed in this passage so Ive kept it mostly intact, bolding a lot of the important lines. In parallel to the near attack, Bran is consciously realizing (possibly for the first time) through Jojens dialogue, that his wolf dreams are actually real dreams inside Summer.  His anger comes as Jojen forces him to admit this fact, even as Bran is in denial. “No, ” said Bran. “I told you, I dont want—”“Did you dream of a wolf? ” He was making Bran angry. “I dont have to tell you my dreams. Im the prince. Im the Stark in Winterfell. ”“ Was it Summer? ”“You be quiet. ”“The night of the harvest feast, you dreamed you were  Summer in the godswood, didnt you? ”“Stop it! ” Bran shouted. Summer slid toward the weirwood, his white teeth bared Reed took no mind. “When I touched Summer, I felt you in him. Just as you are in him now. ”“You couldnt have. I was in bed. I was sleeping. ”“You were in the godswood, all in grey. ” “It was only a bad dream. ”Jojen stood. “I felt you. I felt you fall. Is that what scares you, the falling? ”The falling, Bran thought, and the golden man, the queens brother, he scares me too, but mostly the falling. He did not say it, though. How could he? He had not been able to tell Ser Rodrik or Maester Luwin, and he could not tell the Reeds either. If he didnt talk about it, maybe he would forget. He had never wanted to remember. It might not even be a true remembering. “Do you fall every night, Bran? ” Jojen asked quietly. A low rumbling growl rose from Summers throat, and there was no play in it. He stalked forward, all teeth and hot eyes. Meera stepped between the wolf and her brother, spear in hand. “Keep him back, Bran. ”“Jojen is making him angry. ”Meera shook out her net. “Its your anger, Bran, ” her brother said. “Your fear. ”It isnt. Im not a wolf. ” Yet hed howled with them in the night, and tasted blood in his wolf dreams. “Part of you is Summer, and part of Summer is you. You know that, Bran. ”Summer rushed forward, but Meera blocked him, jabbing with the three-pronged spear. The wolf twisted aside, circling, stalking. Meera turned to face him. “Call him back, Bran. ”“ Summer! ” Bran shouted. “To me, Summer! ” He slapped an open palm down on the meat of his thigh. His hand tingled, though his dead leg felt direwolf lunged again, and again Meeras spear darted out. Summer dodged, circled back. The bushes rustled, and a lean black shape came padding from behind the weirwood, teeth bared. The scent was strong; his brother had smelled his rage. Bran felt hairs rise on the back of his neck. Meera stood beside her brother, with wolves to either side. “Bran, call them off. ”“I cant! ”“Jojen, up the tree. ”“Theres no need. Today is not the day I die. ”“Do it! ” she screamed, and her brother scrambled up the trunk of the weirwood, using the face for his handholds. The direwolves closed. Meera abandoned spear and net, jumped up, and grabbed the branch above her head. Shaggys jaws snapped shut beneath her ankle as she swung up and over the limb. Summer sat back on his haunches and howled, while Shaggydog worried the net, shaking it in his then did Bran remember that they were not alone. He cupped hands around his mouth. “Hodor! ” he shouted. “Hodor! Hodor! ” He was badly frightened and somehow ashamed. “ They wont hurt Hodor, ” he assured his treed friends. A few moments passed before they heard a tuneless humming. Hodor arrived half-dressed and mud-spattered from his visit to the hot pools, but Bran had never been so glad to see him. “Hodor, help me. Chase off the wolves. Chase them off. ”Hodor went to it gleefully, waving his arms and stamping his huge feet, shouting “Hodor, Hodor, ” running first at one wolf and then the other. Shaggydog was the first to flee, slinking back into the foliage with a final snarl. When Summer had enough, he came back to Bran and lay down beside him sooner did Meera touch ground than she snatched up her spear and net again. Jojen never took his eyes off Summer. “We will talk again, ” he promised Bran. It was the wolves, it wasnt me. He did not understand why theyd gotten so wild. Maybe Maester Luwin was right to lock them in the godswood. “Hodor, ” he said, “bring me to Maester Luwin. ” Summer mirrors Brans mood throughout that passage; thats plain.  Its worth considering how much Bran may have been directly feeding Summers actions through their bond.  Bran never thinks of himself as a wolf, so hes clearly not warging him, but does this passage represent their consciousnesses blending to some degree as Bran gets more and more agitated?  Id like to think yes, but I cant be sure. Later, Bran is still in denial, but that wont last long.  He is placing his faith in Maesters Luwins increasingly blind assertions that magic doesnt exist or is gone from the world.  Meera sees through that façade. “No, my prince. Jojen Reed may have had a dream or two that he believes came true, but he does not have the greensight. No living man has that power. ”Bran said as much to Meera Reed when she came to him at dusk as he sat in his window seat watching the lights flicker to life. “Im sorry for what happened with the wolves.  Summer shouldnt have tried to hurt Jojen, but Jojen shouldnt have said all that about my dreams. The crow lied when he said I could fly, and your brother lied too. ”“Or perhaps your maester is wrong. ”– A Clash of Kings – Bran IV This chapter bears summarizing.  Jojen says that a part of Summer is in Bran and vice versa. This is the first time this concept is explained in the text, but it immediately rings true.  He also repeatedly mentions the “winged wolf” and hangs the moniker on Bran. He also confirms that hes also dreamed of the three-eyed crow (3icrow. We also find out that Bran does partially remember Jaime Lannister pushing him, which is part of the reason he doesnt want real dreams is the golden man and falling.  He must be having a recurring nightmare about this.  However, I think the fears about being a warg discussed prior are also true because of Brans assertion that hes not a wolf and that the wolves caused the incident, not him.  Both assertions smack of denial. He seems terrified of being labelled a warg, which relates back to Old Nans stories. The next chapter proves it.  Jojen also repeats the mantra of the winged wolf and also hangs the monikers of “Warg” and “beastling” on Bran.  He is not diplomatic at all; he seems intent on piercing Brans denial.  Its starting to work, but it makes Bran more fearful than ever. He was scared, even then, but he had sworn to trust them, and a Stark of Winterfell keeps his sworn word. “Theres different kinds, ” he said slowly. “ Theres the wolf dreams, those arent so bad as the others. I run and hunt and kill squirrels. And theres dreams where the crow comes and tells me to fly. Sometimes the tree is in those dreams too, calling my name. That frightens me. But the worst dreams are when I fall. ” He looked down into the yard, feeling miserable. “I never used to fall before. When I climbed. I went everyplace, up on the roofs and along the walls, I used to feed the crows in the Burned Tower. Mother was afraid that I would fall but I knew I never would. Only I did, and now when I sleep, I fall all the time. ”Meera gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Is that all? ”“I guess. ”“ Warg, ” said Jojen looked at him, his eyes wide. “What? ”“ Warg. Shapechanger. Beastling. That is what they will call you, if they should ever hear of your wolf dreams. ”The names made him afraid again. “Who will call me? ”“Your own folk. In fear. Some will hate you if they know what you are. Some will even try to kill you. ” Old Nan told scary stories of beastlings and shapechangers sometimes. In the stories they were always evil. “Im not like that, ” Bran said. “Im not. Its only dreams. ”“The wolf dreams are no true dreams. You have your eye closed tight whenever youre awake, but as you drift off it flutters open and your soul seeks out its other half. The power is strong in you. ”“I dont want it. I want to be a knight. ”“A knight is what you want. A warg is what you are. You cant change that, Bran, you cant deny it or push it away. You are the winged wolf, but you will never fly. ” Jojen got up and walked to the window. “Unless you open your eye. ” He put two fingers together and poked Bran in the forehead, he raised his hand to the spot, Bran felt only the smooth unbroken skin. There was no eye, not even a closed one. “How can I open it if its not there? ” So Jojen has been trying to get him to open his eye, just like the 3iCrow.  He tells Bran that theyre all going to call him a Warg.  Im not so sure that following Jojens advice is such a great idea.  Bran is facing his fears which is to the good, but these dreams would freak out anybody and with good reason.  Lets separate the ability to Warg, and the entreaty to go north to the 3iCrow.  Im all for Bran developing his power to skinchanger, but I dont trust 3i. Those dreams make me uneasy.  The whole situation makes Bran fearful. Continued in oldest reply.

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The wolf hour watch full length video

The wolf hour watch full length season. Yawn, I like Gina but I feel like theres absolutely no point in watching this. The wolf hour watch full length episode. The wolf hour watch full length free.

First of all, let me say, I agree with you, with your idea. You don't see the point of the movie, nor do I. I stumbled upon this movie accidentally, scrolling down on IMDB and after watched the trailer I figured I could have given it a chance, at least. This's what happens when you have all good ingredients but the lack of a solid narration eventually sinks the ship, more now than ever this very allegory attaches perfectly to this movie. The Wolf Hour Watch Full lengthy. This is part 4, Vol. 4 in a long series about direwolves. Due to length, it's broken into multiple volumes. Other volumes are as below: V1 (AGoT) V2 (ACoK) V3 (ASoS. The rest of the series: Series posts: Part 1: Lady/Sansa, Part 2: Grey Wind/Robb, Part 3: Nymeria/Arya, Part 5: Shaggydog/Rickon, Part 6: Ghost/Jon A Dance with Dragons – Summer and The Winged Wolf – Aloft In ADwD, these themes continue with Bran and Summer north of the wall.  While they make their way to the cave of the Children of the Forest, Summer, disconnected from his bond to his littermates, seeks out a new pack.  Bran continues his skinchainging of Hodor and his warging of Summer.  In Summer, he can recognize another warg, Varamyr, inside One Eye. His independence continues in his cave explorations inside Hodor, which he thinks nobody else notices (I think hes wrong in this.   He finally learns to fly, while he is taught to skinchange ravens and to use the power to enter the weirwood net directly; he is aloft! Sadly, it is a bitter pill to swallow that his body cannot be healed. With only 3 chapters, the implications of his growth in this volume are not well-understood.  We are left to wonder if Summers continued separation to hunt will have negative consequences.  We wonder the same about his continued skinchanging of Hodor.  Given the immense power of the weirwood net, we wonder if Brans independence will lead to unaccompanied sojourns into the weirwood net. In ADwD – Bran I, while the group is again on the move, we return to our direwolf themes.  We start with Summer shadowing and protecting and then have a mention from Bran that he spends a lot of time in the wolfs skin, reinforcing the bond. Bran then reminds us that he is in the habit of wearing Hodors skin as well, which our author points out is not a good thing.  The violation makes the stable boy confused and scared, whimpering, and there is still a hint of the vomit at the back of his throat as mentioned in prior volumes.  Bran tells himself that it is OK, that Hodor recognizes him and is getting used to it. That may be as it may be, but it doesnt change that this is still wrong and the Bran still knows it.  The author is making that abundantly clear in the paragraph below. We also get a reminder of the call of the hunt in the reminder that the elk Jojen rides is PREY. A Dance with Dragons – Bran I Summer brought up the rear of their little band. The direwolfs breath frosted the forest air as he padded after them, still limping on the hind leg that had taken the arrow back at Queenscrown. Bran felt the pain of the old wound whenever he slipped inside the big wolfs skin. Of late Bran wore Summers body more often than his own; the wolf felt the bite of the cold, despite the thickness of his fur, but he could see farther and hear better and smell more than the boy in the basket, bundled up like a babe in swaddling clothes. Other times, when he was tired of being a wolf, Bran slipped into Hodors skin instead. The gentle giant would whimper when he felt him, and thrash his shaggy head from side to side, but not as violently as he had the first time, back at Queenscrown. He knows its me, the boy liked to tell himself. Hes used to me by now. Even so, he never felt comfortable inside Hodors skin. The big stableboy never understood what was happening, and Bran could taste the fear at the back of his mouth. It was better inside Summer. I am him, and he is me. He feels what I feel. Sometimes Bran could sense the direwolf sniffing after the elk, wondering if he could bring the great beast down. Summer had grown accustomed to horses at Winterfell, but this was an elk and elk were prey. The direwolf could sense the warm blood coursing beneath the elks shaggy hide. Just the smell was enough to make the slaver run from between his jaws, and when it did Brans mouth would water at the thought of rich, dark meat. Changing gear from the elk, Summer clearly is ill at ease with the un-dead ranger.  With the “cold” remark we are meant to wonder if the ranger is from the others. As now. The elk stopped suddenly, and the ranger vaulted lightly from his back to land in knee-deep snow.  Summer growled at him, his fur bristling. The direwolf did not like the way that Coldhands smelled. Dead meat, dry blood, a faint whiff of rot. And cold. Cold over all. Next, we get something completely new.  Bran uses Summer directly to track, ultimately to find an abandoned wildling village.  This is a first for us in Brans story.  I do wonder how similar this is to how Grey Wind found the goat track for Robb, although I presume that for Robb it was revealed in a dream and not in a direct warging experience.  In this instance the mind meld is quite fascinating.  Summer is mostly in control, but Bran gives the objective and steers the wolf to stay on task in a guiding fashion.  The bond is quite close, Not the final line.  Bran claims to have smelled it himself, in the first person, rather than saying Summer smelled it. “ Summer can find the village, ” Bran said suddenly, his words misting in the air. He did not wait to hear what Meera might say, but closed his eyes and let himself flow from his broken body. As he slipped inside Summers skin, the dead woods came to sudden life. Where before there had been silence, now he heard: wind in the trees, Hodors breathing, the elk pawing at the ground in search of fodder. Familiar scents filled his nostrils: wet leaves and dead grass, the rotted carcass of a squirrel decaying in the brush, the sour stink of man-sweat, the musky odor of the elk. Food. Meat. The elk sensed his interest. He turned his head toward the direwolf, wary, and lowered his great antlers. He is not prey, the boy whispered to the beast who shared his skin. Leave him. Run. Summer ran. Across the lake he raced, his paws kicking up sprays of snow behind him. The trees stood shoulder to shoulder, like men in a battle line, all cloaked in white. Over roots and rocks the direwolf sped, through a drift of old snow, the crust crackling beneath his weight. His paws grew wet and cold. The next hill was covered with pines, and the sharp scent of their needles filled the air. When he reached the top, he turned in a circle, sniffing at the air, then raised his head and howled. The smells were there. Mansmells. Ashes, Bran thought, old and faint, but ashes. It was the smell of burnt wood, soot, and charcoal. A dead fire. He shook the snow off his muzzle. The wind was gusting, so the smells were hard to follow. The wolf turned this way and that, sniffing. All around were heaps of snow and tall trees garbed in white. The wolf let his tongue loll out between his teeth, tasting the frigid air, his breath misting as snowflakes melted on his tongue. When he trotted toward the scent, Hodor lumbered after him at once. The elk took longer to decide, so Bran returned reluctantly to his own body and said, “ That way. Follow Summer. I smelled it. ” Later, after they discuss that they are all starving again, having used up the food from the Liddle, Bran prefers dreams inside Summer to eating acorn past. “Dreams are what we have. ” All we have. The last of the food that they had brought from the south was ten days gone. Since then hunger walked beside them day and night. Even  Summer could find no game in these woods. They lived on crushed acorns and raw fish. The woods were full of frozen streams and cold black lakes, and Meera was as good a fisher with her three-pronged frog spear as most men were with hook and line. Some days her lips were blue with cold by the time she waded back to them with her catch wriggling on her tines. It had been three days since Meera caught a fish, however. Brans belly felt so hollow it might have been three years. In the dream (shown in its entirety below) a lot happens.  It begins as a typical “Summer” dream, but moves into new territory later.  First, once Bran enters the wolf, Summers hunger seems to grow stronger. It seems that Brans physical hunger is even stronger than the wolfs (which makes sense, since Summers been hunting.   That said, Summer, described as “gaunt”, certainly has lost weight. The hunt calls, and then he senses a pack of wolves, which turn out to be Varamyrs pack from the prologue, the leader of which, One Eye, he is the resident warg. The pack has killed or found dead men.  Summer, mirroring Brans carefulness and knowing hell need to fight for his meat, surveys the scene and Bran learns that theyd been 5 men of the Nights Watch.  They were the deserters from Crasters keep, of course, but Bran cannot know that.  Well return to this later.  Either way, Bran is uneasy, even as Summer only cares about the meat. Summer also notices that the head of one man has been torn off and the eyes and half the face are missing.  I do wonder if the neck is an indication that the ranger killed this man, not the wolves, and the missing eyes are an indication that the ravens that follow him pecked out the eyes. Sleep would not come, could not come. Instead there was wind, the biting cold, moonlight on snow, and fire. He was back inside Summer, long leagues away, and the night was rank with the smell of blood. The scent was strong. A kill, not far. The flesh would still be warm. Slaver ran between his teeth as the hunger woke inside him. Not elk. Not deer. Not this. The direwolf moved toward the meat, a gaunt grey shadow sliding from tree to tree, through pools of moonlight and over mounds of snow. The wind gusted around him, shifting. He lost the scent, found it, then lost it again. As he searched for it once more, a distant sound made his ears prick up. Wolf, he knew at once. Summer stalked toward the sound, wary now. Soon enough the scent of blood was back, but now there were other smells: piss and dead skins, bird shit, feathers, and wolf, wolf, wolf. A pack. He would need to fight for his meat. They smelled him too. As he moved out from amongst the darkness of the trees into the bloody glade, they were watching him. The female was chewing on a leather boot that still had half a leg in it, but she let it fall at his approach. The leader of the pack, an old male with a grizzled white muzzle and a blind eye, moved out to meet him, snarling, his teeth bared. Behind him, a younger male showed his fangs as well. The direwolfs pale yellow eyes drank in the sights around them. A nest of entrails coiled through a bush, entangled with the branches. Steam rising from an open belly, rich with the smells of blood and meat. A head staring sightlessly up at a horned moon, cheeks ripped and torn down to bloody bone, pits for eyes, neck ending in a ragged stump. A pool of frozen blood, glistening red and black. Men. The stink of them filled the world. Alive, they had been as many as the fingers on a mans paw, but now they were none. Dead. Done. Cloaked and hooded, once, but the wolves had torn their clothing into pieces in their frenzy to get at the flesh. Those who still had faces wore thick beards crusted with ice and frozen snot. The falling snow had begun to bury what remained of them, so pale against the black of ragged cloaks and breeches. Black. Long leagues away, the boy stirred uneasily. Nights Watch. They were Nights Watch. The direwolf did not care. They were meat. He was hungry. Summer then decides which wolf is the leader and challenges him, Bran only realizing One Eye is a warg just before the fight, as their eyes meet.  In the fight Summer is likely in control, given the mention that there was no time for thought, although I wonder if pissing on the vanquished warg is Brans conscious act, a callback to Jojens early lessons in ASoS. laughs out loud.   With the victory, the pack is his. The eyes of the three wolves glowed yellow. The direwolf swung his head from side to side, nostrils flaring, then bared his fangs in a snarl. The younger male backed away. The direwolf could smell the fear in him. Tail, he knew. But the one-eyed wolf answered with a growl and moved to block his advance. Head. And he does not fear me though I am twice his size. Their eyes met. Warg! Then the two rushed together, wolf and direwolf, and there was no more time for thought. The world shrank down to tooth and claw, snow flying as they rolled and spun and tore at one another, the other wolves snarling and snapping around them. His jaws closed on matted fur slick with hoarfrost, on a limb thin as a dry stick, but the one-eyed wolf clawed at his belly and tore himself free, rolled, lunged for him. Yellow fangs snapped closed on his throat, but he shook off his old grey cousin as he would a rat, then charged after him, knocked him down. Rolling, ripping, kicking, they fought until the both of them were ragged and fresh blood dappled the snows around them. But finally the old one-eyed wolf lay down and showed his belly. The direwolf snapped at him twice more, sniffed at his butt, then lifted a leg over him. A few snaps and a warning growl, and the female and the tail submitted too. The pack was his. Bran / Summer then proceeds to feast upon the dead flesh of the men.  Remembering that the vanquished wolf is the warg Varamyr, living his second life, I believe that the author is pointing directly at the prologue in this wolf dream.  Recall the 3 abominations from Haggon: Mating while inside the wolf, skinchanging other humans, and eating the flesh of man while inside the beast.  Note that Bran has now broken what seems to me are the two more egregious of the set. Its clear that Lord Bloodraven is much more pragmatic and cares little about Haggons rule about eating the flesh of men, given that just after this wolf dream he has Bran and his entire party eat the flesh of men. (There is no way that he found a sow.  The meat was from the Nights watch men too. Recall that Bran is extremely hungry, and his hunger accentuated Summers own hunger at the beginning of this dream.  He needed to eat if he was going to reach the cave alive. Very pragmatic.  Bloodraven clearly doesnt worry over much about abomination.  Id assume he worries not about the other abominations Varamyr mentions, as well. The only other thing to note here is the mention of Summers littermates.  He can no longer sense them here beyond the wall.  Bran seems even to have to remind him of their existence.  Contrast that with Ghost, who clearly remembered Summer in the last chapter. The prey as well. He went from man to man, sniffing, before settling on the biggest, a faceless thing who clutched black iron in one hand. His other hand was missing, severed at the wrist, the stump bound up in leather. Blood flowed thick and sluggish from the slash across his throat. The wolf lapped at it with his tongue, licked the ragged eyeless ruin of his nose and cheeks, then buried his muzzle in his neck and tore it open, gulping down a gobbet of sweet meat. No flesh had ever tasted half as good. When he was done with that one, he moved to the next, and devoured the choicest bits of that man too. Ravens watched him from the trees, squatting dark-eyed and silent on the branches as snow drifted down around them. The other wolves made do with his leavings; the old male fed first, then the female, then the tail. They were his now. They were pack. No, the boy whispered, we have another pack. Ladys dead and maybe Grey Wind too, but somewhere theres still Shaggydog and Nymeria and Ghost. Remember Ghost? Falling snow and feasting wolves began to dim. Warmth beat against his face, comforting as a mothers kisses. Fire, he thought, smoke. His nose twitched to the smell of roasting meat. And then the forest fell away, and he was back in the longhall again, back in his broken body, staring at a fire. Meera Reed was turning a chunk of raw red flesh above the flames, letting it char and spit. “Just in time, ” she said. Bran rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand and wriggled backwards against the wall to sit. “You almost slept through supper. The ranger found a sow. ” – A Dance with Dragons – Bran I Having seen all the wolf dreams that discuss sensing their littermates, I think now is the time to discuss the bond that clearly exists between them.  Each seems connected to the others.  Ghost can sense all the others, and so can Summer.  The exception is that when one is beyond the wall, none of the rest can be sensed by him.  This likely means that the bond between them relies on a direct telepathic connection, which the magical barrier of the wall blocks. As they approach the cave, Summer is mirroring Brans fur and in a protective mode all at once.  He seems also to have to protect their group from the rest of the pack. A Dance with Dragons – Bran II But the air was sharp and cold and full of fear. Even Summer was afraid. The fur on his neck was bristling. Shadows stretched against the hillside, black and hungry. All the trees were bowed and twisted by the weight of ice they carried. Some hardly looked like trees at all. Buried from root to crown in frozen snow, they huddled on the hill like giants, monstrous and misshapen creatures hunched against the icy wind. “They are here. ” […] “Those wolves are close as well, ” Bran warned them. “The ones that have been following us.  Summer can smell them whenever were downwind. ” […] Wordless for once, Hodor slapped the snow off his legs, and plowed upward through the snowdrifts with Bran upon his back. Coldhands stalked beside them, his blade in a black hand.  Summer came after. In some places the snow was higher than he was, and the big direwolf had to stop and shake it off after plunging through the thin crust. As they climbed, Bran turned awkwardly in his basket to watch as Meera slid an arm beneath her brother to lift him to his feet. Hes too heavy for her. Shes half-starved, shes not as strong as she was. She clutched her frog spear in her other hand, jabbing the tines into the snow for a little more support. Meera had just begun to struggle up the hill, half-dragging and half-carrying her little brother, when Hodor passed between two trees, and Bran lost sight of them. When theyre closer, Summer (we assume) senses the wights and his careful nature comes out as he backs away.  In the next paragraph Bran clearly shows that his bond with Summer is strong enough that their senses meld together in full waking (he doesnt go into a trance state but smells whatever Summer smelled.  Recall the first time I feel that this may have happened in the series, at the tail end of the wildling attack on Bran in AGoT when Bran “saw everything”.  This passage here is clear proof that a warg is capable to share senses with the beast in that way.  Recall also the scene where Varamyr is guarding Jon when Stannis attacked Mances army.  He is skinchanging the eagle, primarily, but using his five other skins simultaneously while muttering under his breath. Summer stopped suddenly, at the bottom of a steep stretch of unbroken white snow. The direwolf turned his head, sniffed the air, then snarled. Fur bristling, he began to back away. “Hodor, stop, ” said Bran. “Hodor. Wait. ” Something was wrong. Summer smelled it, and so did he. Something bad. Something close. “Hodor, no, go back. ” Then the wights attack at the mouth of the cave at nightfall.  Summer in action protecting Bran is amazing again, but his instincts to tear out the throat of the wights seem a bit ineffectual at disabling the wight. Tearing off limbs and eating the face is more effective.  It makes me wonder if Bran is influencing Summers varying of tactics here. But suddenly  Summer was between them. Bran glimpsed skin tear like cheap cloth, heard the splintering of bone. He saw a hand and wrist rip loose, pale fingers wriggling, the sleeve faded black roughspun. Black, he thought, hes wearing black, he was one of the Watch. Summer flung the arm aside, twisted, and sank his teeth into the dead mans neck under the chin. When the big grey wolf wrenched free, he took most of the creatures throat out in an explosion of pale rotten meat. […] The last light had vanished from amongst the trees by then. Night had fallen. Coldhands was hacking and cutting at the circle of dead men that surrounded him.  Summer was tearing at the one that hed brought down, its face between his teeth. No one was paying any mind to Bran. He crawled a little higher, dragging his useless legs behind him. If I can reach that cave … In the following paragraph Bran has slipped Hodors skin, which probably saved Hodor, but put his own body in considerable danger, with Summer left alone to guard it.  Bran wonders why Summer is taking such risks (out of character given the caution we usually see from Summer) but its obvious that his protective instinct is driving him to this risky behavior.  Without Leaf interceding, Summer and Brand both might have died; Bran is right to worry that hed be stuck in Hodor.  Fortunately, it doesnt come to that. Summer was snarling and snapping as he danced around the closest, a great ruin of a man wreathed in swirling flame. He shouldnt get so close, what is he doing? Then he saw himself, sprawled facedown in the snow. Summer was trying to drive the thing away from him. What will happen if it kills me? the boy wondered. Will I be Hodor for good or all? Will I go back into Summers skin? Or will I just be dead? Somehow Bran returns to his body and a wight that leaf set ablaze is attacking Bran.  Note that it is naked.  Was this one of Crasters mutineers?  One of the rapists?  How long after Sam escaped did the others attack the keep?  Back to Bran, he is saved when a tree shakes off snow to cover him.  The tree SHOOK; the snow didnt just fall.  I believe this to be Bloodraven acting through the weirwood net.  As the episode closes with everyone safe, Summer is back with Bran, shadowing. Everything turned inside out and upside down, and Bran found himself back inside his own skin, half-buried in the snow. The burning wight loomed over him, etched tall against the trees in their snowy shrouds. It was one of the naked ones, Bran saw, in the instant before the nearest tree shook off the snow that covered it and dropped it all down upon his head. The next he knew, he was lying on a bed of pine needles beneath a dark stone roof. The cave. Im in the cave. His mouth still tasted of blood where hed bitten his tongue, but a fire was burning to his right, the heat washing over his face, and he had never felt anything so good.  Summer was there, sniffing round him, and Hodor, soaking wet. Meera cradled Jojens head in her lap. And the Arya thing stood over them, clutching her torch. – A Dance with Dragons – Bran II Brans final chapter in TWoW focuses on his training as a greenseer.  Summer is leaving the cave periodically to hunt, mostly without Bran, though Bran does sometimes watch as a raven instead of inside Summers skin. In an early lesson, it seems that Bran get bored listening to Bloodraven and he falls right into Summers senses invade his consciousness.  At first, he is listening to his teacher, queerly noticing the sounds of leaves and wood, and then he is in Summer, seeing snowflakes fall in the trees.  Note the symbolism of “soldier pines” and “sentinels in white”.  One might think it just a flourishing description, but it probably foreshadows that the white walkers have the cave under siege (or at least they are staking it out. A Dance with Dragons – Bran III There he sat, listening to the hoarse whispers of his teacher. “Never fear the darkness, Bran. ” The lords words were accompanied by a faint rustling of wood and leaf, a slight twisting of his head. “The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mothers milk. Darkness will make you strong. ” The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife. Snowflakes drifted down soundlessly to cloak the soldier pines and sentinels in white. The drifts grew so deep that they covered the entrance to the caves, leaving a white wall that  Summer had to dig through whenever he went outside to join his pack and hunt. Bran did not oft range with them in those days, but some nights he watched them from above. Bran mentioned earlier in the chapter about skinchanging a raven instead of using Summers skin. Now, we skip back in time to his first lesson on this.  The episode inside the raven is a bit of comic relief actually, but there is a lot to learn here about the magic and how GRRM thinks about the magic, consciousness sharing, and especially “second lives. ” Skinchanging a bird is more difficult than with Summer, as we would have expected from Varamyrs chapter, though we presume these ravens are easier than some birds because they are used to being skinchanged.  Indeed, we learn at the end of the passage that all have the consciousnesses of long dead singers inside them. This is huge.  The implication that all these birds have dead CotF inside them seems to mean that the consciousness of these singers moves AGAIN whenever the bird dies.  That suggests that, with the singers in these birds, it is not a “second life” but a series of second lives.  Dare I say infinite lives?  This goes beyond what we are told in Varamyrs chapter.  It begs one to wonder, could this also be the case with other beasts?  I wonder specifically about Ghost, who-in Jon Snow is presumably now spending his own second life.  Could this phenomenon inform the mechanism for his expected resurrection? Slipping into Summers skin had become as easy for him as slipping on a pair of breeches once had been, before his back was broken. Changing his own skin for a ravens night-black feathers had been harder, but not as hard as he had feared, not with these ravens. “A wild stallion will buck and kick when a man tries to mount him, and try to bite the hand that slips the bit between his teeth, ” Lord Brynden said, “but a horse that has known one rider will accept another. Young or old, these birds have all been ridden. Choose one now, and fly. ” He chose one bird, and then another, without success, but the third raven looked at him with shrewd black eyes, tilted its head, and gave a quork, and quick as that he was not a boy looking at a raven but a raven looking at a boy. The song of the river suddenly grew louder, the torches burned a little brighter than before, and the air was full of strange smells. When he tried to speak it came out in a scream, and his first flight ended when he crashed into a wall and ended back inside his own broken body. The raven was unhurt. It flew to him and landed on his arm, and Bran stroked its feathers and slipped inside of it again. Before long he was flying around the cavern, weaving through the long stone teeth that hung down from the ceiling, even flapping out over the abyss and swooping down into its cold black depths. Then he realized he was not alone. “Someone else was in the raven, ” he told Lord Brynden, once he had returned to his own skin. “Some girl. I felt her. ” “A woman, of those who sing the song of earth, ” his teacher said. “Long dead, yet a part of her remains, just as a part of you would remain in Summer if your boys flesh were to die upon the morrow. A shadow on the soul. She will not harm you. ” “Do all the birds have singers in them? ” All, ” Lord Brynden said. “It was the singers who taught the First Men to send messages by raven … but in those days, the birds would speak the words. The trees remember, but men forget, and so now they write the messages on parchment and tie them round the feet of birds who have never shared their skin. ” We again learn from a warging episode that the the cave is truly under siege, though no “others” are visible.  It also seems that Summer is staying away a lot with the pack.  This is concerning, given our ongoing theme of bad things happening when the wolves are separated from their Stark protectees.  to compound that, he is also losing weight. The moon was fat and full.  Summer prowled through the silent woods, a long grey shadow that grew more gaunt with every hunt, for living game could not be found. The ward upon the cave mouth still held; the dead men could not enter. The snows had buried most of them again, but they were still there, hidden, frozen, waiting. Other dead things came to join them, things that had once been men and women, even children. Dead ravens sat on bare brown branches, wings crusted with ice. A snow bear crashed through the brush, huge and skeletal, half its head sloughed away to reveal the skull beneath.  Summer and his pack fell upon it and tore it into pieces. Afterward they gorged, though the meat was rotted and half-frozen, and moved even as they ate it. Later we learn that the CotF are feeding Brans group rat meat and Meera is catching fish, but Summer must be eschewing this nourishment for some reason.  I wonder in being north of the wall and separated from his true pack is making Summer even more independent, more wild.  Either way, he is hunting dead things quite a bit.   Note that Bran again is eating the flesh of dead men in the wolfs skin, and  he is also using Hodor as well. On one such occurrence, he finds a cavern filled with singer seemingly clinging to life as they are absorbed by the tree roots.  Are these also greenseers?  We are not given their eye colors, so this is a real mystery.  If they are, though, this could affect the generally accepted explanation of a lot of supernatural events in our story.  Could these singers be informing the actions of the “old gods” biasing the more natural “treeish” thoughts of the weirwood net? The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife.  Summer dug up a severed arm, black and covered with hoarfrost, its fingers opening and closing as it pulled itself across the frozen snow. There was still enough meat on it to fill his empty belly, and after that was done he cracked the arm bones for the marrow. Only then did the arm remember it was dead. Bran ate with Summer and his pack, as a wolf. As a raven he flew with the murder, circling the hill at sunset, watching for foes, feeling the icy touch of the air. As Hodor he explored the caves. He found chambers full of bones, shafts that plunged deep into the earth, a place where the skeletons of gigantic bats hung upside down from the ceiling. He even crossed the slender stone bridge that arched over the abyss and discovered more passages and chambers on the far side. One was full of singers, enthroned like Brynden in nests of weirwood roots that wove under and through and around their bodies. Most of them looked dead to him, but as he crossed in front of them their eyes would open and follow the light of his torch, and one of them opened and closed a wrinkled mouth as if he were trying to speak. “Hodor, ” Bran said to him, and he felt the real Hodor stir down in his pit. As this volume comes to a close, we are reminded of the affection Bran has with Summer, and also that he has affection for Meera, too.  We see that this is probably shared, in how she pets Summer.  Recalling their first affectionate moment from ACoK.  This sweet moment is couched in the ominous story of Jojen, who has withdrawn.  Given that he has stopped uttering his refrain that “this is not the day I die, ” I surmise that that day is fast approaching.  Meera is certainly concerned.  After they discuss it, Bran wished to console Meera but cant physically reach her.  Next something weird happens.  As Bran wishes to embrace her and considers entering Hodor to accomplish it, she freaks out and flees.  I do believe that Brans consciousness reached out to Meera directly, causing her reaction. The moon was a black hole in the sky. Outside the cave the world went on. Outside the cave the sun rose and set, the moon turned, the cold winds howled. Under the hill, Jojen Reed grew ever more sullen and solitary, to his sisters distress. She would often sit with Bran beside their little fire, talking of everything and nothing, petting Summer where he slept between them, whilst her brother wandered the caverns by himself. Jojen had even taken to climbing up to the caves mouth when the day was bright. He would stand there for hours, looking out over the forest, wrapped in furs yet shivering all the same. […] “Hes being brave, ” said Bran. The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid, his father had told him once, long ago, on the day they found the direwolf pups in the summer snows. He still remembered. “Hes being stupid, ” Meera said. “Id hoped that when we found your three-eyed crow … now I wonder why we ever came. ” For me, Bran thought. “His greendreams, ” he said. “His greendreams. ” Meeras voice was bitter. Meera began to cry. Bran hated being crippled then. “ Dont cry, ” he said. He wanted to put his arms around her, hold her tight the way his mother used to hold him back at Winterfell when hed hurt himself. She was right there, only a few feet from him, but so far out of reach it might have been a hundred leagues. To touch her he would need to pull himself along the ground with his hands, dragging his legs behind him. The floor was rough and uneven, and it would be slow going, full of scrapes and bumps. I could put on Hodors skin, he thought. Hodor could hold her and pat her on the back. The thought made Bran feel strange, but he was still thinking it when Meera bolted from the fire, back out into the darkness of the tunnels. He heard her steps recede until there was nothing but the voices of the singers. The final mention of Summer is when Bran is taught to enter the weirwood net.  This is the ultimate achievement of him becoming a greenseer, instead of just a boy with potential.  The journey hes gone through to come to this point has prepared him for it.  It started with green dreams, then wolf dreams, then warging, then skinchanging Hodor, then skinchanging ravens, and now skinchanging into the weirwood net directly.  This volume closes as the boy unlocks an overwhelming body of living knowledge of the present, the past, and even the future.  I personally dont think that fate prophecies are set in stone.  The future is not set, but that the prophecies that arise out of the tree net are only a prediction based upon present knowledge.  However, the breadth of knowledge inside these trees is so vast that they probably can “see” the future quite accurately.  Call it a very educated guess.  Either way, Bran is on the cusp of unlocking the knowledge of all this history and all these predictions. The mechanism is explained to be very similar to warging Summer.  Yet, Bran may be only the second to do it in the past 100 years.  I am extremely interested to see where his story goes in the next volume! “Close your eyes, ” said the three-eyed crow. “ Slip your skin, as you do when you join with Summer. But this time, go into the roots instead. Follow them up through the earth, to the trees upon the hill, and tell me what you see. ” Bran closed his eyes and slipped free of his skin. Into the roots, he thought. Into the weirwood. Become the tree. For an instant he could see the cavern in its black mantle, could hear the river rushing by below. – A Dance with Dragons – Bran III In conclusion, I hold to my hypothesis, that Bran and Summer are “somewhat of a special case” chiefly because of Brans own powers and how quickly they develop.  Their bond is more deeply developed than any of their siblings, just as Brans ability to use his power to communicate with and “operate” other beasts and beings develops more rapidly than that of his siblings.  That this is happening so quickly to such a young boy does make me worry about this ability to hold on to his humanity.  On that note, his skinchanging of Hodor is quite concerning. That said, his empathy for Meera, Jon, and others tells me that he can make it through this with his sanity intact.  He is also fiercely independent.  This trait, mixed with stubbornness and mental strength, is a fantasy trope where heroes can deflect attempt at brainwashing and mind control. In this, his bond to Summer is also steadying, and driving (a hunger) at the same time.  These traits will serve him well amidst the winds of winter! Speaking of young boys and magic, my thoughts turn to Rickon.  I also wonder about his ability to hold onto his humanity and sanity given his bond to Shaggy, who seems to be a very strong and willful wolf.  Well tackle their story in part 5. Shout-out and attribution as always goes to those whove gone before me with some of the theories that I am probably subconsciously utilizing / mentioning / building upon here, including: u/LoveMeSexyJesus who posted u/RockyRockington who posted u/PrestonJacobs and all his videos related to this topic u/Prof_Cecily for insights about early Bran chapters in ASoS LML for help understanding Symbolism (even though I barely use the skill in this essay. I have a lot of original thought here but I am certainly synthesizing a lot of their ideas, as well. Also, Thanks GRRM! TL;DR  Whatddya want, its 33, 000 words?  I cant summarize this for you in a paragraph.  Get to it or dont.  Its worth it; I promise. Actually, the summary is just below the last quote above.

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